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Achieving Your Dreams in MLM

While most people spend most of their lives struggling to earn a living, a much smaller number seem to have everything going their way. Instead of just earning a living, the smaller group is busily working at building and enjoying an MLM fortune. Everything just seems to work out for them. And here sits the much larger group, wondering how life can be so unfair, so complicated and unjust. What’s the major difference between the little group with so much and the larger group with so little?

Despite all of the factors that affect our lives – like the kind of parents we have, the schools we attended, the part of the country we grew up in – none has as much potential power for affecting our futures as our ability to dream.

Dreams are a projection of the kind of life you want to lead.  Dreams can drive you. Dreams can make you skip over obstacles. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Your Habits Control Your MLM Business Success

Habit: A consistent behavior you perform so frequently that it is automatic.

For example, if you learned to drive a car with a standard transmission, the first few lessons were pretty jerky while you learned to synchronize the clutch with the accelerator pedal. If you released the clutch too fast, the car would stall. If you pressed the accelerator too fast without releasing the clutch,
you raced the engine but you and the car were still sitting there! However, with practice, practice, and more practice, you learned to synchronize control of the clutch with control of the accelerator so that you don’t even think about it any more. It is now a habit.

All habits consist of knowledge combined with skill from practice. What all this means is that you can learn new habits to replace those that are no longer working for you. You have to change what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and the choices you make in order to change your MLM business results.

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always gotten.

That means that if your MLM business is not headed in the direction you desire right now, you must make new choices and start new habits to ensure you ultimately get the results you want.

Your choices of habits, determine your success. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Wrong Combination Could Be Deadly For Your MLM Business

Strategy and tactics. What’s that have to do with MLM business success?

More than you could imagine…

The proper alignment of strategy and tactics is a requirement for success in military operations. And when it comes to “big” mega-corporations most people realize you need a focus on and a balance in this power team as well.  But when it comes to MLM business success most owners fall woefully short of alignment and focus on their business strategy. Tactics are what rule the day… just about every day!

That’s why understanding how to manage this foundational balancing act could be the single most important intellectual asset you develop as an MLM business owner.

Let’s get started with two quick definitions.

Strategy: “Strategy” is your carefully and intentionally planned approach to achieving success in business ownership.  From your MLM business as a whole, to the decisions made on a day-to-day basis – your success hinges on having a solid strategy. Your overall strategy will impact and mold your minor strategies in key growth areas like systems development, marketing, sales and your client service policies. Read the rest of this entry »

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MLM: Do what you Fear and the fear goes away

Building an MLM business can be a scary experience for some people because it involves talking to other people – and talking to other people means exposing yourself to the possibility of rejection and disappointment.

No matter how often you tell yourself that when someone says no they are only rejecting the MLM opportunity (and truthfully, their own potential) and not you, it still hurts!

No matter how often you tell yourself that you get paid for telling your story, regardless of the outcome, or that every no is a valuable learning experience, it is still disappointing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Network Marketing: Create that Winning Feeling

I believe we could all agree that having a winning feeling is a
prerequisite to achieving outstanding results. A person can’t
possibly expect to win if they’re constantly focusing on failure!
The real secret here is to capture that winning feeling of success as often as you can to create the environment necessary to succeed.

If you’ve been a little down in the dumps, feeling insecure or
perhaps not feeling as confident in your ability as you’d like, I
have a great tip for you. My suggestion to anyone looking for a
success track to run on, or to a person who is looking to get
back on one, is to start capitalizing on short-term victories.
That means specifically focus on tasks you can achieve daily. The principle is to start with an adversity over which you can succeed, and gradually take on more and more difficult tasks.
Nothing succeeds like success. Read the rest of this entry »

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MLM: What is a Sponsor?


There’s a big difference

A recruiter seems to be in a frantic search to find superstars among the crowd and their way to find them is to sign them up and then just watch and wait.
The recruiter believes in love ‘em and leave ‘em.
He or she expects the superstar to eventually rise to the top and the others to eventually quit.

A sponsor has a different attitude altogether.  They believe that anyone worth sponsoring is worth developing.  A sponsor believes in marrying those people. 
The recruiter wants a one night stand.

Being a sponsor is an ongoing activity.  It is this ongoing activity that creates loyalty to the sponsor and gives the sponsor serious credibility.

The recruiter is a traveling salesperson, once they sold you – their gone.
The sponsor is a helper-teacher who wants you to have the training and tools you need to be successful and the encouragement to keep plugging.

There is a transferable concept here.  Your sponsor wants you to be a sponsor.  A sponsor develops other sponsors by deliberate, careful, help and encouragement.

The recruiter expects you to be a born superstar.  There’s no such thing.  Superstars are made, their not born.  Their developed.

Making a superstar takes training, encouragement, help, patience and time. 

It takes being a sponsor.
What does it take to become a superstar?  It takes alot of attitude: like confidence, committment, determination, credibility.
Where do these attitudes come from?
They’re learned, their taught, their caught.  They are the stages of development of the network marketing superstar.

Learn to be a real sponsor, develop others who will be real sponsors, teach them to teach others to be real sponsors.

In my opinion, the secret to network success is found in this.

A recruiter is not building a network marketing organization, it is all one level and most of them will quit.

The sponsor is building a duplicatable system that can run downline through their organization.  They build a powerful downline with this technique.  Their not building a downline of distributors, they’re building a downline of sponsors.

What is the difference between a recruiter and a sponsor?

It is the difference between hype and help.  The sponsors job begins when you enroll, the recruiters job ends when you enroll.
The recruiters job is to sign up people, the goal of the sponsor is to build leaders.

Before asking yourself which you want to be, ask yourself which do you want your upline to be.

Remember, you are the upline to all your people.  The keys to success in networking is sponsor, keep being a sponsor.

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MLM: Accountability is a Team Effort

How’s 2008 going for you so far?

Have YOU set MLM Goals for the year?
Making good progress toward your MLM goals?
Are you on track to meet your January projections?
Are you ready to tackle February’s commitment?

If your results aren’t where you want them to be – or worse, if you don’t have any  idea whether or not you’re on track – then it’s a matter of ACCOUNTABILITY

I’m a champion goal-setter. I have an MLM Game Plan that takes me out to the year 2015. I know how to translate my Big Goals into weekly and daily activities.  I know several of my other Team members who do the same.  Do YOU? Read the rest of this entry »

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