What are you “really” doing with your Chosen MLM Opportunity?

Are you REALLY ready to make the effort in your MLM business to change your life?

It’s all very well saying it…but are you backing it with some cold, hard effort?

YOU…and you alone have the power to get what you want…and choose who and where you want to be. But first, you must be totally honest with yourself.

You must ask yourself if you really, truly want to do something about changing your life.  You chose an MLM Company, you chose an MLM product or service, you have an upline for guidance, so are you making the most of it all?  Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Beat the Cycle of Procrastination in your MLM Business

Do you ever get a feeling that your entire MLM Team is in Procrastination?  Let’s see if we can pull together and help those we work with by identifying your issues and then theirs.

Success Tip #1:
The actions you execute each and every day are your choice and under your control.

If you’re anything like I was, you’ll relate to the piles of paper that build up, and tasks you never seem to get the time to complete. All the little things around the house that need to be completed, along with the annoyance and frustration they cause.

Interestingly enough, the more responsibilities I take on, the more I knew I needed to tackle that dirty little habit.  I knew that it would become a severe limiter on my success if I let this all too common habit permeate my life.

And that’s all procrastination really is – a bad habit.

Success Tip #2:
The good news is that if you can develop bad habits, you can also develop good ones!

All you need to do to get started on creating success habits, is to have desire. Read the rest of this entry »

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Leading Change…are you up to it for your MLM Business?

Leadership is about change. If you need no change, you need no leader. In times of change, people seek out more and better MLM leaders. Those successful sought-out leaders embrace the following thought: “The best reformers the world has ever known are those who began with themselves.”

Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the change that we envision.” Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

The following comments are about personal change:

1. One person cannot change another person. Read the rest of this entry »

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Empower Your Mind to Create MLM Success – Not Stress!

Our minds are the ultimate problem solver – that is one of its major roles. The mind, in its brilliance, can also take creative energies and manifest them as real world solutions and results. When we have thoughts and ideas of how things are supposed to be and they don’t turn out that way, the mind sees a problem that needs fixing and generates the energy to do so. When there are an overwhelming number of problems or even a few problems that seem very important, the mind generates an overabundance of intense energy that becomes stress. Is stress necessary or even helpful to our success?

Let’s examine how we use the mind in ways that can create unnecessary stress and how that same energy can be redirected to our greatest success. Then let’s look at how to give your mind an entirely new job description – one that will create prosperity and will make your mind abundantly more happy! By giving your mind a new role, you can bring success, accomplishment, peace and happiness all together in one beautiful success story for your life!

Harness The Power of Your Mind to Create your MLM Success – Not Stress!

Have you ever had a vacation that didn’t go exactly as planned and this upset you? Or have you ever started working on an exciting new business opportunity and then become so overwhelmed that you lose all sense of enjoyment in the process? Your mind can make any activity or experience, even those that are supposed to be fun, a vehicle for unhappiness and stress. So, what can we do about this?

Let’s say you have the thought “I want to be home by six p.m. – my commute should only take an hour.” The mind, which is the ultimate problem solver, takes this as a direct order. Anything that gets in the way of this order is something that the mind labels as a “problem” – and in the job description of “problem solver,” it will spend energy trying to fix it. The more insistent you are about the criticality of arriving home by six o’clock, the more energy the mind will spend to try to make this happen. So, if you are on the bus and the bus gets a flat tire, the mind is very likely to engage itself trying to solve this problem, which is completely out of its control. All the mind knows is “be home by six” and “not happening because of problem.” Your ‘knight in shining armor’ is here to try to change things! It wants to help you complete the job or goal you outlined. What if instead your mind was given the directive that you want to be home in a timely manner, and more importantly, you want to relax and enjoy the ride and maybe even brainstorm some new ideas for your business. It’s the same flat tire, but instead of trying to solve the “problem,” there is no issue, just an opportunity to enjoy or brainstorm a bit longer.

Financial Success is Not a Problem!

Similarly, what we tell our mind about financial prosperity can create “problems” that actually keep success away from us. One of the first things I explore when I mentor someone is their wealth-image. Your wealth-image is all of your conscious and subconscious feelings about money – and they can have a huge impact on your ability to attract abundance! If you have given your mind the thought that “money is the root of all evil,” your mind takes this as an order and will try to help solve the problem of money being bad by keeping financial success away from you. You see, the mind really wants to help you. It wants to protect you from harm and problems. If it thinks money is problematic, the mind will help you not succeed so that you won’t get hurt. On the other hand, if the “problem” is how to be highly successful in a balanced and happy way, your mind, the ultimate problem solver, will be your #1 partner in this process!

Give Your Mind a New Job Description

What would you do if you had a great employee who works very hard, but does not have a clear job description, and therefore, is wasting time and effort on unimportant tasks, as well as making a lot of mistakes? One great approach is to conduct an interview, find out what they think they should be doing and then very clearly redefine their job description. Now, all of their hard work will pay off and their efforts will be laser directed at what is most important.

In the same way, you can interview your mind. Look at any stressful situation in the past few days. What did you tell your mind was the goal? “To finish your business presentation in 30 minutes” or “to create a winning business presentation as efficiently as possible and with a great attitude.” The first directive for your mind creates stress and a lack of completion if anything unforeseen occurs. The second directive allows for wonderful new ideas and creativity to manifest so you can give the best presentation ever and enjoy yourself while doing it!

Start to become aware of what you, as the director of your mind, are telling your mind to do. Also, become more aware of what your mind sees as a problem and why. Is the long line at the bank a “problem” on which your mind should work? Or is it an opportunity to take a break from a hectic day and brainstorm new ideas or engage the person in line with you in a conversation that may lead to a great business or investment partnership? When your mind is in the right space in any circumstance, you will find yourself in the right place at the right time and will be able to grab unforeseen opportunities!

Liberate Your Mind

Let your mind solve problems. Just make sure that you are giving it success challenges, not unsolvable issues that are not even a real problem for you! Liberate your mind and it will create success for you in creative ways that you never dreamed possible!

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Do YOU have the Capacity for the Wealth that MLM can bring?

Throughout the history of American enterprise, you’ve heard the words, “work hard and save your money.” Work hard and save your money. It is the oldest rule for success in America. It’s so important, as a matter of fact, that W. Clement Stone once said, “if you cannot save money, then the seeds of greatness are not in you.”


Why is it that saving money is so important? Because saving money is a simple discipline and any discipline affects all other disciplines in your life. If you do not have the discipline to refrain from spending all the money that you earn, then you are not qualified to become wealthy and if you do become wealthy, you’ll not be capable of holding on to it.


A principle with regard to saving your money is the law of attraction. The law of attraction is activated by saved money. Even one dollar saved will start to attract more money. Here’s what I suggest that you do. If you’re really serious about your future, go down and open a savings account. Put as much money as you can into it, even if it’s only ten dollars. And then begin to collect little bits of money, and every week go down and put something into that account. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Support Systems of MLM Super-Achievers

This past week I read the amazing story of LuAn Mitchell, one of Canada’s great entrepreneurs. Her story will never be a movie because no one would believe it!

Pregnant at 16, later a beauty queen who married a man even after they found out he had a life-threatening disease, single mom, and CEO of (believe it or not) one of Canada’s largest meat packing companies, she has an astonishing story of perseverance and accomplishment.

How did she do it? And, what can we learn from people like LuAn who overcome the odds and get results most of us only dream of?

I think there are at least four basic principles that MLM distributors can keep in mind.

The basics are just that, the BASICS! Too often we get caught in the busy-ness of life and we either forget to monitor the first principles of success, or we get over-confident and think we can re-invent the basics, but there are no “new fundamentals.” The fundamentals have not changed. We either take care of business, or we struggle.  (Or we count on “luck” to save the day…never a smart plan.)

So, what are the basics? Read the rest of this entry »

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