How To Get Network Marketing Success In a Flash

A flash success in Network Marketing is rare. And when flash success occurs, there usually is a reason.

Many times you’ll hear a speaker at an MLM training or MLM opportunity meeting say, “I just joined, talked to a few people, and by golly, in only one month I reached the top level of achievement and they need a truck to deliver my giant-sized bonus check.”

Well, what the speaker said may be true. She did reach the top and it was fast. Unfortunately, because of time constraints on the meeting, the speaker didn’t get to tell her whole story. So before you buy into any story, be sure you get the Full Facts behind it.

You see, the reason the speaker (s) sponsored such a big downline in her organization in only 30 days was:

1. She had 20 years experience in Network Marketing. She had lots of contacts, relationships and friends who knew her, trusted her, and respected her. Since they were also experienced Network Marketers, they were able to sponsor many distributors quickly as well. The speaker had 20 years of preparation for this so-called “flash success.”

2. The speaker went door-to-door in her city and everyone she talked to joined her program. Too bad there wasn’t enough time during the meeting to mention that her father was mayor of the town, owned all the houses, and that the tenants felt obligated to do whatever his daughter suggested.

3. The speaker worked as an assistant teacher for 40 years in the community. She also taught junior high sports. Everyone in town knows her, trusts her, and respects her. in fact, she taught most of the town’s residents. How could you say “No’ to the person who used to make you clean the erasers?

Instant, flash success?

I don’t think so.

You have to earn your success in Network Marketing. That’s why some people grow faster than others.

So, if you don’t have any friends, people hate you, no one respects you, well, you’ll just have to start building some new relationships to get your business started. Once you’ve built the relationships, your business will grow.

Networking is done successfully with people who trust you. If you don’t have anyone to network with, go out and build some trust.

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The Pain and Pleasure of MLM Prospecting

Have you ever procrastinated?

Yes? Good. (I was afraid I was the only one.)

So why do you think you and I do that?

I think I know — we procrastinate because we associate more pain with the process of doing than we do pleasure from achieving the result.  Maybe you put off cleaning out the garage, because you perceived a greater pleasure in watching a football game. Or perhaps you procrastinated for so long that it eventually became easier — less painful — to just take action and complete the task. For example, if it takes a half an hour every time you try to find something in the garage and your spouse is constantly on your back about getting it straightened up, the thought of not cleaning the garage is probably more painful than actually cleaning it.  We mostly act on our emotions and then rationalize our actions with logic and thought.

Didn’t you fall in love with your car and then rationalize how you could stretch to pay for it? Did you do the same thing with your house? You fell in love with it and then rationalized how you would pay for it, or figured out a way to fix it up. The
controlling force in our lives is almost always pain or pleasure.

Before we take a look at how this applies to Network Marketing, here is another illustration of the point: Have you Read the rest of this entry »

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Networking with Strangers in comfort

We know we need to talk to people, so let’s look at a situation we all find ourselves in when we attempt to speak with someone we don’t know.

Place and time: an elevator in a professional office building, late afternoon.

You get on the elevator, push the button for your floor, and watch the numbered lights flick on as you climb.  What’s on your mind? Things you need to take care of at work before 5pm; what you might have for dinner that night; weekend plans. . . .

Then suddenly the elevator stops. It’s not your floor.

The doors slide open and there is a woman:  “Going up?” she asks, as she steps in. You smile politely and nod. She pushes the button for her floor, and the doors begin to close.

The woman looks very professional and carries a stuffed briefcase. She leans back against the wall and sighs. “What a day,” she says.

You smile politely. “Yes, yes, what a day,” you respond, and then you look away.

Suddenly your mouth goes dry and your mind goes blank—you stare up at the numbers above the door. Yikes! It’s like you’ve completely forgotten how to speak. You know you’re being rude, but, well, you don’t know what to say anymore.

The elevator continues to climb: 6…7…8…

All you can think about is your MLM business, and the fact that you know you should try to contact this woman — she’s professional and sharp-looking; who knows, she might be interested. You’ve read all the books and listened to the tapes.  You know you should — but your heart is racing.

9…10. . . 11 …

You smile in her direction. She’s watching the numbers. You think: This is the longest elevator ride of my life!

A voice inside you — the brave, confident, I’m-a-leader voice — whispers: Just talk to her, get a business card, do something.

But you’re frozen. Because there is another voice inside you — the scared, embarrassed, I-can’t-do-it voice — yelling:

Don’t say anything! She wouldn’t be interested? She’s too corporate, she’s not the Network Marketing “type,” she doesn’t need it. She would laugh at you.

12 … 13 … 14 … the elevator stops. The doors part, and the woman steps out and disappears. You lean back against the wall.  The doors close, you are alone.

And you . . .feel horrible.

Where The Action Is

Welcome to the Frontline — the Frontline of Networking.

Of all the “lines” in the world of Network Marketing — upline, downline, crossline, bottom line — the Frontline is perhaps the place of greatest fear and greatest productive action. Read the rest of this entry »

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Do you know the 18 Reasons to use 3-way calling?

When is the last time you did a 3-way call to help build credibility with your MLM prospect?  Are you comfortable asking others for their 3-way time and support?

3 way calls can be very important to show the MLM team concept we have and is usually done after you’ve had a chance to determine you have a real MLM prospect. 

My philosophy is that a 3-way call should be a support call.  That means helping to get the MLM prospects questions answered and to train you in the process.

So here are 18 reasons to consider 3-way calling to help you in your Success:

  1. Introduce prospects to someone in their field of interest.
  2. Encourage a prospect to go to the next step in the information process.
  3. Have the upline handle an objection or question.
  4. Train a new member of the Team on phone techniques.
  5. Get people excited. Read the rest of this entry »
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MLM: No Sales Required

Have you worked like crazy in your Network Marketing opportunity for months or years, talked to hundreds, maybe thousands of prospects, and achieved very little result? Ever wonder why those ex-truck drivers and ex-welfare moms posing next to their Lamborghinis and million dollar homes can do it and you can’t?  Have you ever thought “What’s wrong with me?”

If so, you’re in good company. Thousands of would-be successful distributors are giving up or starting over yet one more time, and most of them are headed for a familiar dead-end result. You see, they lack one little piece of vital information. If they knew and accepted this little morsel of truth, a futile and continuous round of failure would be transformed into a path of assured success and fulfillment. It would transform their hours of teeth-clenching and gut-wrenching “working the numbers” into pleasant exchanges with interested and qualified prospects, many of whom would join their organizations. Knowing this tidbit can do the same for you!

What is this closely held and much-denied secret? It is that effective Network Marketing requires selling!

Horrors! You say they told you that you didn’t have to be a salesperson? There it was, right there in their ad: “No Selling Required!” They said, “Just share the products and the opportunity with a few others, help them do the same!” They may have overstated the simplicity and ease just a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

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Network Marketing: Great Reasons for Optimism

People ask me all the time about how long they can expect to work before they reach the “PAY-OFF” in MLM.

Let’s look at this from the traditional perspective of what you’d be doing if you weren’t an MLM Distributor.

The forty-year plan is the best that folks can hope for in traditional businesses. So, what’s the forty-year plan, you ask? By age twenty-five, most people have an idea of what profession they’ll enter, anything from a fishing guide to a surgeon. Read the rest of this entry »

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