Networking with Strangers in comfort

We know we need to talk to people, so let’s look at a situation we all find ourselves in when we attempt to speak with someone we don’t know.

Place and time: an elevator in a professional office building, late afternoon.

You get on the elevator, push the button for your floor, and watch the numbered lights flick on as you climb.  What’s on your mind? Things you need to take care of at work before 5pm; what you might have for dinner that night; weekend plans. . . .

Then suddenly the elevator stops. It’s not your floor.

The doors slide open and there is a woman:  “Going up?” she asks, as she steps in. You smile politely and nod. She pushes the button for her floor, and the doors begin to close.

The woman looks very professional and carries a stuffed briefcase. She leans back against the wall and sighs. “What a day,” she says.

You smile politely. “Yes, yes, what a day,” you respond, and then you look away.

Suddenly your mouth goes dry and your mind goes blank—you stare up at the numbers above the door. Yikes! It’s like you’ve completely forgotten how to speak. You know you’re being rude, but, well, you don’t know what to say anymore.

The elevator continues to climb: 6…7…8…

All you can think about is your MLM business, and the fact that you know you should try to contact this woman — she’s professional and sharp-looking; who knows, she might be interested. You’ve read all the books and listened to the tapes.  You know you should — but your heart is racing.

9…10. . . 11 …

You smile in her direction. She’s watching the numbers. You think: This is the longest elevator ride of my life!

A voice inside you — the brave, confident, I’m-a-leader voice — whispers: Just talk to her, get a business card, do something.

But you’re frozen. Because there is another voice inside you — the scared, embarrassed, I-can’t-do-it voice — yelling:

Don’t say anything! She wouldn’t be interested? She’s too corporate, she’s not the Network Marketing “type,” she doesn’t need it. She would laugh at you.

12 … 13 … 14 … the elevator stops. The doors part, and the woman steps out and disappears. You lean back against the wall.  The doors close, you are alone.

And you . . .feel horrible.

Where The Action Is

Welcome to the Frontline — the Frontline of Networking.

Of all the “lines” in the world of Network Marketing — upline, downline, crossline, bottom line — the Frontline is perhaps the place of greatest fear and greatest productive action. Read the rest of this entry »

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Enhance your Personal Performance with these 3 Steps

CLARITY OF OUTCOME: Before you begin any endeavor, know in advance exactly what you expect your outcome to be. By getting clear on your outcome, you will be using the awesome force of what I call the FUTURE PULL…In other words, the future you create for yourself pulls you closer to it and empowers you to take the proper actions in the present… So before you do anything else as it relates to your personal or professional life, take time to get crystal clear on what your desired outcome will be…See it in your mind’s eye until you feel really emotional about it…

CONSOLIDATION OF POWER: It simply means FOCUS… Since you have a certain amount of time, energy, and money to devote towards accomplishing your outcome, it’s important to know which activities you should direct your resources towards. If you don’t take the time to determine which of the multitude of possible activities will provide you with the highest payoff, you may find yourself squandering much of your resources. Thus, the 80/20 rule applies here. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities. Therefore, it’s important for you to Read the rest of this entry »

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MLM: No Sales Required

Have you worked like crazy in your Network Marketing opportunity for months or years, talked to hundreds, maybe thousands of prospects, and achieved very little result? Ever wonder why those ex-truck drivers and ex-welfare moms posing next to their Lamborghinis and million dollar homes can do it and you can’t?  Have you ever thought “What’s wrong with me?”

If so, you’re in good company. Thousands of would-be successful distributors are giving up or starting over yet one more time, and most of them are headed for a familiar dead-end result. You see, they lack one little piece of vital information. If they knew and accepted this little morsel of truth, a futile and continuous round of failure would be transformed into a path of assured success and fulfillment. It would transform their hours of teeth-clenching and gut-wrenching “working the numbers” into pleasant exchanges with interested and qualified prospects, many of whom would join their organizations. Knowing this tidbit can do the same for you!

What is this closely held and much-denied secret? It is that effective Network Marketing requires selling!

Horrors! You say they told you that you didn’t have to be a salesperson? There it was, right there in their ad: “No Selling Required!” They said, “Just share the products and the opportunity with a few others, help them do the same!” They may have overstated the simplicity and ease just a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Newspaper is a Goldmine for your MLM Business

Are you struggling to find good MLM leads?  Did you know the newspaper is invaluable as a resource of these leads?

 Want to find MLM leads and have a tax advantage at the same time? I scour the daily newspaper for leads (our accountant deducts 100 percent of our newspaper subscription) looking for such things as new business openings, birth announcements, special events, promotions, and job fairs to name a few.

I make contact with the new business owners in person or on the phone and tell them about my products and if they have a business that suits our target market, I might share that I have what could be a good extra income stream for their business. Read the rest of this entry »

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MLM: Do what you Fear and the fear goes away

Building an MLM business can be a scary experience for some people because it involves talking to other people – and talking to other people means exposing yourself to the possibility of rejection and disappointment.

No matter how often you tell yourself that when someone says no they are only rejecting the MLM opportunity (and truthfully, their own potential) and not you, it still hurts!

No matter how often you tell yourself that you get paid for telling your story, regardless of the outcome, or that every no is a valuable learning experience, it is still disappointing. Read the rest of this entry »

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