Becoming A Successful Distributor in MLM – Network Marketing

What separates a successful networker from one who has yet to succeed? Simply this: Successful distributors do the daily disciplines (DMO) destined to take him or her—over time—to greatness!

So if you’re ready to become a success in network marketing, here is a proven success formula you should consider:

* Read a good book for 30-minutes every day.
* Listen to 30-minutes of an audio program every day.
*Take a class at least four times every year.

You see, successful distributors, and those who want to become successful distributors, select one area of their business to improve monthly—and then they go to work on getting better! Because serious students of success are truly focused on mastering the fundamentals: Read the rest of this entry »

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A simple Formula for MLM success that anyone can follow

I ran across an interesting little distinction that, when fully understood and properly applied, will forever change the way you think, act, and teach the art of building your MLM business.

Interested? Thought you might be…

“To develop your potential for effective leadership, begin with the strengths and abilities you already possess. [Because] You are always stronger when you keep your successes and strengths in mind.”

Vince Lombardi, who coached two teams to World Championships, observed that when football games were over, it always seemed that errors got more attention than successes. The newspaper and television media would highlight, analyze, and discuss the mistakes. One day, Lombardi decided, ‘From now on, we are only going to replay our winning plays.’ And look what happened to him and his team—his theory worked!

Only replay our winning plays… Interesting concept.

How about you? What plays are you running over, and over, and still over again on that all too familiar screen inside your head? Read the rest of this entry »

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Give Value, do More Than is Expected in your MLM Presentations


One thing most of us have in common is that we love to get a little bit more than we paid for. This idea, is called “Give Value”, and involves two elements: first is to know and/or establish what is expected and then, to deliver above and beyond those expectations.


At a minimum, you want people to be satisfied with your MLM presentation, sales pitch, speech, meeting or MLM training session while achieving your objectives this is equivalent to “getting your money’s worth”. Beyond the basics, you want to be respected and remembered as someone who perhaps did just a bit more than required to get the job done (it’s how we build great reputations).


Here are Seven Secrets on how to Give Value: Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Get Network Marketing Success In a Flash

A flash success in Network Marketing is rare. And when flash success occurs, there usually is a reason.

Many times you’ll hear a speaker at an MLM training or MLM opportunity meeting say, “I just joined, talked to a few people, and by golly, in only one month I reached the top level of achievement and they need a truck to deliver my giant-sized bonus check.”

Well, what the speaker said may be true. She did reach the top and it was fast. Unfortunately, because of time constraints on the meeting, the speaker didn’t get to tell her whole story. So before you buy into any story, be sure you get the Full Facts behind it.

You see, the reason the speaker (s) sponsored such a big downline in her organization in only 30 days was:

1. She had 20 years experience in Network Marketing. She had lots of contacts, relationships and friends who knew her, trusted her, and respected her. Since they were also experienced Network Marketers, they were able to sponsor many distributors quickly as well. The speaker had 20 years of preparation for this so-called “flash success.”

2. The speaker went door-to-door in her city and everyone she talked to joined her program. Too bad there wasn’t enough time during the meeting to mention that her father was mayor of the town, owned all the houses, and that the tenants felt obligated to do whatever his daughter suggested.

3. The speaker worked as an assistant teacher for 40 years in the community. She also taught junior high sports. Everyone in town knows her, trusts her, and respects her. in fact, she taught most of the town’s residents. How could you say “No’ to the person who used to make you clean the erasers?

Instant, flash success?

I don’t think so.

You have to earn your success in Network Marketing. That’s why some people grow faster than others.

So, if you don’t have any friends, people hate you, no one respects you, well, you’ll just have to start building some new relationships to get your business started. Once you’ve built the relationships, your business will grow.

Networking is done successfully with people who trust you. If you don’t have anyone to network with, go out and build some trust.

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Getting MLM Sales requires Asking the Right Questions…

…because Wrong Questions get the Wrong Answers. 

The most important aspect of making a sale — is also a major weakness of every MLM’er I’ve ever met. Asking questions.

It’s absolutely puzzling to me. Questions are so critical, you’d think it would be the topic of MLM training every week. Yet most networkers have never taken one training program in the science of asking a question.

How critical? The first personal (rapport) question sets the tone for the meeting, and the first business question sets the tone for the sale. That’s critical.

Benefits of asking the right question? Good question.

Here are 10 benefits to make MLM sales by:

  1. Qualify the buyer.
  2. Establish rapport.
  3. Create prospect disparity.
  4. Eliminate or differentiate from the competition.
  5. Build credibility.
  6. Know the customer and her business.
  7. Identify needs.
  8. Find hot buttons.
  9. Get personal information.
  10. Close the sale.

All these answers come from asking the right questions.  I call them Power Questions. Read the rest of this entry »

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