Recruiting Beyond The Business, A great thing to Teach your MLM Team

If there was a way that you could guarantee to explode your MLM Success, and touch people in such a way that most would follow you to the moon if you went… Would that be of interest?

Whether you are online, or offline…. this will help give you an idea that literally exploded my MLM business once I learned it… and I was blessed with a high recruiting ratio for years and years…

What is “Recruiting Beyond the Business?” Before we get to that, let’s go over what is missing in most folk’s lives…..

What is that?

Learn this …and change your own life as well as others…..

Most people…go their whole life without once ever being told they could truly succeed, that they had it in them to do great things, and worse, no one has ever taken the time to show them they care enough to help or show them how…..And most people today are Starving for someone to help them get beyond where they are in life…in debt up to their eyeballs, and going on a treadmill of repeated mistakes that they just cannot seem to break…. They are looking beyond where they are now to try to do something with their life….

That’s where you come in….. We teach that you must in sponsoring touch a person’s heart before they will touch your MLM business….people want to feel good about their life, future, and working with you… That is why you must “Recruit Beyond the Business”… That’s where their true interest lies….not working with you, as much as you working with them to help them get out of the rat race…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Seven Tips for Taking Charge of Your Financial Destiny

When you change your mind about something, you change your experience of it. If there is any room for growth in your finances right now or you have a desire to grow your MLM business, then it is time to “grow your mind” by expanding your thinking and expect to win. By creating a mindset for wealth, you begin a revolution in your experience of life.

Here are seven tips for taking charge of your financial destiny:

1) Take responsibility for your current situation.
Realize that you are where you are due to the sum total of your actions, as well as your non-actions. To the extent that you blame your financial situation on the economy or any other external circumstances, you give up your own power to shape things exactly the way you want. Let go of any reasons or excuses, and instead focus on the results you are committed to producing now.

2) Realize that it’s all you!
Regardless of the state of the economy there are always people who do well financially. So what separates the people who do well in any circumstances from those who do not?  Their thinking. Your financial circumstances are a reflection of your internal thought patterns, perceptions and beliefs. Some people complain that “it takes money to make money. I don’t, have any so I never will.” But successful entrepreneurs realize that money is created by good ideas.  One great idea can practically become your license to print money. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Your Dream is Big Enough… You’re Rich!

What will keep you charging in your MLM Multi Level Network Marketing business when you have a bad day? Think about it. People in traditional businesses have two primary advantages over us networkers: 

#1) They have a lot of money invested; therefore, when they have a bad day, they are not likely to throw in the towel and quit. Sure they may think about it, but they will also think about the mortgage they have on their home, and the money they borrowed from friends and family members. This usually will keep them in their business even when someone returns the only product that they sold for the day or when they have to use their Visa to pay off MasterCard. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Joys of Repeated Failure, especially in Network Marketing

For most of us, “failure” has a tragic and undeserved reputation as something bad and painful. It’s very unfair, and it holds us back and limits our success. If “failure” had an attorney, it would have an excellent chance of winning a lawsuit for defamation and slander.  :-)

Too often, we view failure as reflecting on the person who “failed”. We view them (or ourselves) as having poor judgment, poor skills, or lack of character! How absurd!

There are only a handful of ways to “fail”, and I don’t view any of them as bad.

First, you can “fail” by losing a competition. I remember talking to a high school athlete who defined himself as “slow” because he lost a race to the state’s fastest sprinter. I also remember a beautiful and talented woman who defined herself as “ugly” because in college she finished fourth in a beauty pageant.  How, exactly, are those examples of “failure”?

Are you beating yourself up when you don’t win your MLM Companies product retailing contest?  Or when there are bonuses for new sponsoring activities?  Why? Read the rest of this entry »

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Becoming A Successful Distributor in MLM – Network Marketing

What separates a successful networker from one who has yet to succeed? Simply this: Successful distributors do the daily disciplines (DMO) destined to take him or her—over time—to greatness!

So if you’re ready to become a success in network marketing, here is a proven success formula you should consider:

* Read a good book for 30-minutes every day.
* Listen to 30-minutes of an audio program every day.
*Take a class at least four times every year.

You see, successful distributors, and those who want to become successful distributors, select one area of their business to improve monthly—and then they go to work on getting better! Because serious students of success are truly focused on mastering the fundamentals: Read the rest of this entry »

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With Network Marketing YOU can become the architect of your own destiny

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world; it corresponds with your dominant patterns of thinking.

This is an extraordinary principle. It explains most happiness and unhappiness, most success and failure, most greatness and meaninglessness in life. After years of study in this area, I still stand in awe before this powerful law, like standing and looking out over the vastness of the Grand Canyon.

Just think! Your outer world reflects your inner world in every way. Nothing can happen to or for you in the long term until and unless it corresponds to something inside of you.  If you want to change or improve anything in your life, you must begin by changing the inner aspects of your mind.

Sometimes this is called the “mental equivalent.” Your greatest responsibility in life is to create within yourself the mental equivalent of what you want to experience on the outside. The fact is that you cannot achieve it on the outside until you have first created it on the inside.

It is as though your life is a 360-degree mirror. Wherever you look, there you are. Your relationships for example, always reflect back to you the kind of person you are on the inside. Your attitude, your health and your material conditions are a reflection of the way you think most of the time.

This is hard for most people to accept. Most people think that the problems in their lives are caused by other people and circumstances. They are shocked and angered to be told that they are the primary architects of everything that happens to them. They want others to change. They want the world to change. But they do not want to change themselves.

The Law of Correspondence is a foundational principle of virtually all religions and schools of thought. It is really great news. It is the key to personal freedom and happiness.  It is the high road to great success and fulfillment.

There is only one thing in the world that you can control, and that is the way YOU think. However, when you take complete control over your thinking, you take control over all the other aspects of your life. By thinking and talking only about what you want, and by refusing to think or talk about what you don’t want, you become the architect of your own destiny.

So do you know what you Really, Really, Really Want? Maybe you should re-visit that.

Your MLM business is where it is because of your thinking and not anything happening around you.  The bigger the Why in You, the Bigger the Check.

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How much time does it take to create success for any MLM Business?

When I was 21 years old, my mentor asked me what I thought the value of an hour was. I honestly did not know how to answer the question. He went on to teach me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned.

He suggested that the value of an hour was priceless. This confused me some, so this is what he said to me.

If you invest one hour each day in understanding yourself and your environment better, you will accumulate nine 40-hour weeks over the course of a year!


As you can imagine I was blown away when he put it to me that way.

Nine 40- hour weeks? This seemed impossible until I did the math. Read the rest of this entry »

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