What is Your MLM Business to you

How do you see MLM ? Do you see it as a business, a nice way to make a few hundred dollars extra? Do you see it as a social outlet?

Do you see it as something that can maybe be a home based business?

Do you see it as Hard to do…or Easy to do?

Or do you see it as a Wealth producing Vehicle?

What and How you see this business… will become what your business grows to…or doesn’t grow to… Read the rest of this entry »

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In Network Marketing, It’s ALL about Team Effort

It has been quite a long time now that Erik Weihenmayer did a most extraordinary thing. He stood atop the 29,035-foot peak of the world’s highest mountain. He conquered Mount Everest as one member of a Team of nineteen hardy, determined souls. Oh, yes. There’s one other thing. Erik is blind.

In order to be the first blind person ever to achieve this feat, the 32-year-old American knew he had to be part of a larger group committed to the same goal. He put his full faith and confidence in sighted people such as Eric Alexander, Luis Benitez, and Jeff Evans. They arrived at their goal on May 25, 2001.

In an interview with a CNN reporter on the afternoon of his success, Erik spoke by phone of the “team accomplishment” he had shared. He spoke of sponsors, people who were on the mountain with him, and many who were not there but who had prayed for him. “I felt like, when I got to the top, I was on the shoulders of lots and lots of people,” he said. “It wasn’t just me standing there.”

The same thing can be said of every great achievement. If a single researcher in her lab makes a monumental discovery, it was on the basis of what hundreds of others contributed through their work and publications in the field. Even if it is an athlete or musician whose great moment is unshared on the field or stage, there are hosts of people who inspired, taught, and otherwise made their contributions to that one bright, shining moment.

There are some worthwhile and challenging goals you have for your life that will be too much for you alone. It isn’t a sign of weakness but intelligence to realize you will need help. So don’t hesitate to surround yourself with people of similar goals, more extensive experience, and skills superior to your own. The best way to learn in MLM is to attach yourself to others who already know more about what is important to you. And here’s a fact that may surprise you:

Most of them will be eager to share their experience and insights with you.

Erik admits to be “scared all the time” on his ascent. But he continued to trust his partners – and kept putting one foot in front of the other.

In your MLM business, family, or personal spiritual life, the notion of going it alone will be a disastrous mistake. If you are willing to stand on the shoulders of others, you can go places that otherwise would be out of reach.

If you doubt it, just ask Erik Weihenmayer how he got to the top.

So my Fellow Network Marketers, are you embracing the idea behind your chosen MLM Company’s vision and the MLM Team you are on?  Are you sharing your successes, your obstacles and things you learn as you go?  Are you getting the support you need so you aren’t struggling and feeling alone?  It truly DOES take intelligence to understand how much your team is willing to help but it also takes guts to ask.  What do you need help with, where do you feel your skills may be lacking that could stop you from seeing your MLM goals Fulfilled?

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How are you using Boundaries to build your MLM business?

Good fences make good neighbors, but do good personal boundaries make good Networkers?


While many  Network Marketers have been conditioned to get “close” to the prospect, the real goal is to build strong, lasting relationships. The more distinct the boundaries of a relationship, the easier it is for upline and downline to know, like, and trust each other — which is essential to starting and building a business together. Boundaries are key to maintaining both strong relationships and individual strength through the inevitable ups and downs of our business.

What exactly is a Boundary and How can You Use One?

In simplest terms, a boundary sets limits, makes distinctions, informs you as to what is you and what is not you. A boundary makes clear the distinction between you and others, and tells you where one thing ends and another begins. It lets you know that another’s ideas, values, and feelings are not necessarily yours. A boundary is flexible and permeable, letting information flow back and forth.  It allows you to actively listen without having judgments. Read the rest of this entry »

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Achieving BIG MLM Goals… And Three Steps You Can Take

Goals are supposed to be motivating, aren’t they?

But if you’re not careful, there is one trap that can transform a magnificent goal into an overwhelming obstacle.  I know all too well, because I’ve been trying to blast through, climb over, or go around one of those obstacles myself for the last few months.

Many times goals are pretty straightforward and require little more than your consistent commitment to action. Then there are times when we set BIG, complex goals that take us where we’ve never been before. Those goals that have us blazing a path where no one has gone before require us to gather a team of experts to bring the goal to reality.   Look to your upline (s) and even your MLM Company for that team of experts.

The same trap is always there, but with these BIG goals this stumbling block can become like a black hole that sucks anything nearby into the abyss – including your energy, motivation and momentum. Read the rest of this entry »

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What are you “really” doing with your Chosen MLM Opportunity?

Are you REALLY ready to make the effort in your MLM business to change your life?

It’s all very well saying it…but are you backing it with some cold, hard effort?

YOU…and you alone have the power to get what you want…and choose who and where you want to be. But first, you must be totally honest with yourself.

You must ask yourself if you really, truly want to do something about changing your life.  You chose an MLM Company, you chose an MLM product or service, you have an upline for guidance, so are you making the most of it all?  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Joys of Repeated Failure, especially in Network Marketing

For most of us, “failure” has a tragic and undeserved reputation as something bad and painful. It’s very unfair, and it holds us back and limits our success. If “failure” had an attorney, it would have an excellent chance of winning a lawsuit for defamation and slander.  :-)

Too often, we view failure as reflecting on the person who “failed”. We view them (or ourselves) as having poor judgment, poor skills, or lack of character! How absurd!

There are only a handful of ways to “fail”, and I don’t view any of them as bad.

First, you can “fail” by losing a competition. I remember talking to a high school athlete who defined himself as “slow” because he lost a race to the state’s fastest sprinter. I also remember a beautiful and talented woman who defined herself as “ugly” because in college she finished fourth in a beauty pageant.  How, exactly, are those examples of “failure”?

Are you beating yourself up when you don’t win your MLM Companies product retailing contest?  Or when there are bonuses for new sponsoring activities?  Why? Read the rest of this entry »

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Professional Impressions will make or break Your MLM Business

These are the The 10 Most Common Business Etiquette Errors and it is something you need to be aware of and share with your MLM Team so they are not doing them.

1. Wasting other people’s time. Are you sometimes late for appointments? Do you occasionally arrive unprepared? Have you missed deadlines for turning in assignments? Do you feel that barging into another person’s conversation or work space any time you want is acceptable?

2. Speaking before thinking. Listen carefully to yourself. Do you call people by inappropriate nicknames or use forms of address such as “Hon” or “Babe” that could be interpreted as demeaning or insulting? Do you sometimes use humor that is tasteless or crude? Have you ever insulted, criticized, or embarrassed a colleague? Do you gossip or perpetuate rumors? Read the rest of this entry »

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