When Your Dream is Big Enough… You’re Rich!

What will keep you charging in your MLM Multi Level Network Marketing business when you have a bad day? Think about it. People in traditional businesses have two primary advantages over us networkers: 

#1) They have a lot of money invested; therefore, when they have a bad day, they are not likely to throw in the towel and quit. Sure they may think about it, but they will also think about the mortgage they have on their home, and the money they borrowed from friends and family members. This usually will keep them in their business even when someone returns the only product that they sold for the day or when they have to use their Visa to pay off MasterCard.

#2) They don’t have a job. That’s right, people who own their own traditional business usually don’t have a job to fall back on. They usually don’t say, “Well, I’m sick and tired of this stuff. I’m glad I got a job that is paying me $1,000 per week to fall back on.” Instead, they are out on a limb in an effort to make it happen. By the way, I once heard that on the limb is where the fruit is.

So what about you? You probably invested less than what it would cost for a nice pair of shoes to get started in your Network Marketing company. And you probably still have a job, right? And if you don’t have a job, most of your distributors do, right? So what leverage can you have to help keep you charging full steam ahead when it seems like everything is going wrong? 

Your Dream! That’s right, if your dream is big enough then the fear, rejection, embarrassment, and lack of Network Marketing know-how will not stop you. Instead, you will be empowered to keep charging ahead in the jungle so you can make it to the land of paradise. So find out what your Dream is and keep it in front of you when the going gets tough. You can use this technique to help keep your distributors going too. When you’re sitting on the beaches of the world… You’ll be glad you did.

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