Your MLM Prospects want Extra Cash and YOU can Help

“It is not what we read, but what we remember, that makes us learned. It is not what we intend, but what we do, that makes us useful. It is not a few faint wishes, but a life long struggle, that makes us valiant.”  – Henry Ward Beecher, 19th century

Here we are in the 21st Century—and isn’t that still True today?  Wisdom of the decades.  Are you learning?  Are you growing?  Because if you’re not you’re falling backwards. 

For things to change, you have to change and for things to get better, you have to get better.  Because if you continue to think the way you’ve always thought you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got!  Is that enough?

Just consider the impact you could make on your MLM Prospects life — and which you could also share:

The internet allows You to have an impact on any MLM leads  financial life… today.

Here’s an example of a typical American couple:

…….both work 9 to 5 and bring in $90,000 per year.

Without a home based business, they pay taxes of $20,000 per year….

So with that $70,000 after tax income they pay their debts.

With mortgage, credit cards, auto…whatever..they usually have over $150,000 of debt. 

….they use $3,000 month or $35,000 per year to pay down debt and the other $3,000 month or $35,000 per year to spend on all the other things in life.

You introduce your MLM business opportunity into their life……

an MLM business online with the intent of making a profit……

….you then show them a $300-$400 per month tax savings right off the top of their income ….

….then you show them how to create a marketing group where they work with 3-12 people teaching others to manage their debt, taxes, and business.

……they will earn even more $$+ per month from this activity.

…now you have helped them earn some pretty good bucks each month.

…… they can use the extra cash to pay off all their debts….

…….and to be debt free in as soon as 2-4 years as the plan builds out. 

NOW wouldn’t that make a difference in someone’s life?

Do You know Anyone that Needs that kind of Help with:  managing their debt, taxes, money or their business?

Most people do and now they can get it right on the internet.  Are you letting people know this is available?

I sure hope so, that’s the work of a network marketer, “showing and telling” their plan and I have just shown you how to take a typical American couple (although the same numbers probably apply globally) and get them really excited about their future.

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