Treat it Like a Business, because it IS

As a professional networker, I value my time more than anything else.  If there is one thing that burns me more it is people who say “yes” to the business and then don’t treat it like one.

MLM aka Network Marketing IS a Business and it requires the same dedication as if you were spending millions of dollars to start any other kind of business.  Of course, in network marketing you can get started for under $100. and so it seems some people don’t take it seriously.  That’s sad, because it is one of the greatest wealth opportunities available to anyone that could literally make you an MLM – Network Marketing fortune, like it has for me.

It seems that people have good intentions, they want to control their destiny, they have dreams that they can articulate well, they even seem to have ambition.  They tell me they want a home-based business so they can stay home and have an extra income stream.  Yet, once they actually sign-up it seems as if it goes to the bottom of their priority list or never gets on their list at all?  This always puzzles me.

To have a successful network marketing business, you have to get in the game…not just in the MLM Company computer.  You have to take that ambition and “expect to win”.  After all it just takes some simple disciplines AND you DO word of mouth advertising everyday… anyway!  Why walk away from real MLM profit?

As a true sponsor, I am disappointed that my time was wasted with someone who did not want to get serious about their Financial Freedom and future. 

It doesn’t seem to matter how many qualifying questions I ask or even the fact that a real relationship/friendship has started, there are just certain people that once they get signed up they NEVER start. 

I just hope they aren’t those people who say “oh yeah, MLM, I tried that, it doesn’t work”.  Because they are lying to themselves and everyone they say it to.

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