Where are the so-called Professional MLM Network Marketers?

Back on March 13, 2004 at 10:45am a Motion to Form the Distributor Rights Association was placed on the floor of the Clarion Hotel, Las Vegas, at a deliberative assembly open to anyone involved with the MLM Industry and unanimously passed by the audience of approx 80 Professional Network Marketers along with some Corporate Executives and MLM Attorneys that represent companies and distributors.

And on that same evening, the operational structure and Board of Directors and Officers were nominated and unanimously voted on… so that a Staff was in place to begin creating a Voice for all Independent Contractors who call themselves MLM’ers/Network Marketers! (approx 13M in US).

The attorney panel was awesome as we drafted, and voted on the standards to be published in the 1st Edition of the “Independent Contractor’s Global Standards and Education for Companies and Distributors” now published and available to any one who becomes a member or wants to buy a copy. Robert’s Rules of Order was used and adopted by this deliberative assembly to keep parliamentary order and parallel early American legislative procedure.

I was there! And in fact was voted in as the first President of the Distributor Rights Association.

The concept behind creating an Association within the MLM Industry was the underlying belief that a bridge needed to be built for Collaboration to foster greater understanding and communications among MLM Companies and their distributors.

Those of us who have been around the Industry and love what it stands for are also aware that a much broader approach is needed to create long-term solutions that:

  1. Make a Stronger Connection
  2. Overcome Contact Obstacles
  3. Reduce Negative Emotions
  4. Create Positive Relationships
  5. Set Common sense approaches for the long-term health of all sides.

The bridge symbolizes a connection or bond between two worlds, the mundane and the divine.

It’s for both personal and organizational transformation—responsible freedom, tough love, authentic engagement, reflective action, appreciative inquiry, adaptive confidence, and detached interdependence.

When we commit to a vision to do something that has never been done before, there is no way to know how to get there. We simply have to build the bridge as we walk on it.

If ALL the Association did was create a BOOK of Standards, that would benefit every Distributor out there, but that is not where the Association vision ends….

DRA Platforms For Communication and Training

The DRA Promotes Conflict Resolution through Mediation

Modern MLM = No Standards

MLM Tax Advantages are Under Attack

Conflicts within the MLM Market

Providing Training for MLM Company Compliance Officers

DRA Suggests Softening of the MLM Industry

To Distribute Research Supporting Distributors

Distributor Friendly Companies Will Join the DRA

DRA Advocates for Real People

DRA Advocates for Business Rights

DRA Public Cause: Exposing and Fighting Pyramid Schemes

DRA Public Cause: To Help MLM Nationally and Internationally

DRA Public Cause: to Fight the Mis-Informed Anti-MLM Zealots

So what I am wondering is WHERE are all the so-called Professional Networkers who earn their living in this Industry and why are they not involved.  It can’t be the dues?   So what is it…inquiring minds….

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