Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year, this post is going to focus on Network Marketing with an Internet Focus for 2008. 

Here are five things you should be aware of in 2008 to capitalize on as much MLM profit as you can:

  • The internet market is huge. But YOUR market is actually very small. In general, all niche markets on the internet are very competitive. New marketers are popping out like mushrooms with amazing products to be offered and they’ll win the game.  You’ll need to brand yourself in your market because it will be the same JV partners, forums, search engine rankings, etc that your competitor will go after.

What’s unique about you?  In other words, if your MLM product is going to help someone get healthier, why would they buy from you when there are 101 products out there, doing or saying the same thing? Go figure and you’ll be rich.

  • MLM Marketers are claiming ownership of techniques and methods.  Have you heard the quote, “The early bird will get the worm.”?

Internet marketing terms like ’squeeze page’, ‘mini-sites’, ‘one-time offer’, etc are being claimed by marketers officially. Squeeze page is just an opt-in page. Mini-sites are online direct-response salesletters without extra pages of content. One time offer is back-end selling (sometimes it’s front-end) mechanism with a unique twist of appearing once for the prospects to buy. I think it’s very clever.

I’ve been using back-end selling whenever I’m selling a product for years already. It could be a direct upsell of product promotion or recommendation.   Thank you pages are useless unless you try to sell something else.

I’ve been online since the early 90’s.  I’ve pioneered some concepts specific to MLM:  MLM Tag Team where team members send an email to other team member suspects that is a personal testimonial.  I just adapted the 3-way call to an email format.  Connecting the entire MLM downline by an email list so they can interact…just like they do in face to face meetings…except this is everyday and 1 Great MLM Mastermind.  It truly takes the concept of IN Business for yourself but not by Yourself to another level.  And I also believe I had the 1st MLM Team website complete with training modules to take steps in the business daily.

So if you have a new internet marketing technique or discover how to innovate an old one, claim ownership to it. Put your name on it. Then, it’s ‘yours’ and the rest of people who use it are ‘followers’.

  • I don’t think another fancy salesletter with tons of testimonials will be able to convince your MLM prospects to buy. They are getting sick and tired of hypes after hypes. Focus on the results that you can provide for your prospect. If you have a course teaching people how to get 100 free backlinks in a month on auto-pilot and it has been proven to increase your search engine ranking legally, it’ll sell automatically (I’m referring to selling by your own, not through JV partners). I’ve seen internet marketing gurus coming out with their new courses — Sells like crazy because of their name. But it’ll remain a question whether these methods are theories or they are real techniques being used “in-house”.  I only share what worked to make me millions. 
  • It’s not about multiple internet income streams!  I know you have heard about creating multiple internet income streams online. There are a lot of misconceptions when the fundamentals are not clearly defined. Many people do it wrong by creating multiple internet income streams in DIFFERENT niches. Focus on one and dominate it. You can still have multiple income streams from one niche via Adsense, eBay, affiliate program, selling your own info-products, etc. The advantage is, you have  strong leverage when you’re competing with others by having multiple income streams in ONE NICHE.  Besides, if you haven’t read your MLM Policies and Procedures, you may get terminated for being diversified.  I think that’s wrong…but IF you signed the contract then you’ll be bound by it.  
  • Search Engine Traffic…You should never neglect the traffic from search engines like Google.com and Yahoo.com. Why you should consider traffic from them is because of two reasons; it’s free and it’ll always work no matter what kind of changes happen on the internet. Search engines will always be the place for people to search for information that they want. You see, you will be worried of the search engines algorithm changes if you’re trying to outsmart the search engine’s ranking system but if you’re following the guidelines, you’re safe.

So stick around and let me help you create an awesome MLM business that you can run totally from home with whatever, of the 24 hours we have, fits for your schedule.

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