What is Your MLM Business to you

How do you see MLM ? Do you see it as a business, a nice way to make a few hundred dollars extra? Do you see it as a social outlet?

Do you see it as something that can maybe be a home based business?

Do you see it as Hard to do…or Easy to do?

Or do you see it as a Wealth producing Vehicle?

What and How you see this business… will become what your business grows to…or doesn’t grow to…

Your paradigm or Perspective on this business will direct and navigate you to creating what you see this business as…it will be like your “North Star” of your business…because everything you do will be in alignment to how you see this business…

Do you see this business as something to TRY? Or Do?

Do you see this business as a spare time spare change business…or a $100,000 a year income producer? Again…what you see this business as….will become the business you end up with…or don’t end up with…

Most people have bought into the idea that MLM is HARD…well….for those who think it will be…it is.

For those who think it’s easy…it is….

How you see the ease or difficulty of this business will become the pace of your business….and your efforts will correspond accordingly…

You need to take a look at your Paradigm about this business and your MLM company, and ask yourself:

“Is this really a SERIOUS business for me…or something that I will work when I get to it?”

Your answer will determine a lot of what happens in the future…and doesn’t happen…

Either this business is a PRIORITY…or it isn’t.


And your seriousness will determine Priority.

A Millionaire’s Paradigm contains 3 words:

Are you those 3 things?

Do they even enter into the picture of how you see yourself in MLM?

“Money Often Costs Too Much…” Mark Twain

That is so true. Many people in MLM are not willing to put the effort in that it takes to become successful because of:

** The Cost of Time it takes.
** The Cost of Effort it takes.
** The Cost of Belief it takes.
** The Cost of Failure it takes.
** The Cost of Focus it takes.
** The Cost of Actions it takes.
** but most importantly…The Cost of CHANGE it takes.

You MUST change who you are to succeed in network marketing…and that cost most are not willing to pay…

If you want REAL wealth in MLM…then you must embrace the cost of Change and Growth…and invest the Time and Effort to make that happen in your life…

Do you have Personal Development Time…15 minutes a day to listen to or read some Success Soaked Material…

If you develop Personal Development Time…

Those 15 minutes will become GOLDEN….

And those are the minutes which will produce the GOLD….within you….

IF you are willing to accept the Cost…

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