How to Beat the Cycle of Procrastination in your MLM Business

Do you ever get a feeling that your entire MLM Team is in Procrastination?  Let’s see if we can pull together and help those we work with by identifying your issues and then theirs.

Success Tip #1:
The actions you execute each and every day are your choice and under your control.

If you’re anything like I was, you’ll relate to the piles of paper that build up, and tasks you never seem to get the time to complete. All the little things around the house that need to be completed, along with the annoyance and frustration they cause.

Interestingly enough, the more responsibilities I take on, the more I knew I needed to tackle that dirty little habit.  I knew that it would become a severe limiter on my success if I let this all too common habit permeate my life.

And that’s all procrastination really is – a bad habit.

Success Tip #2:
The good news is that if you can develop bad habits, you can also develop good ones!

All you need to do to get started on creating success habits, is to have desire.

1.  You must WANT to destroy an old habit so that you can intentionally replace it with a positive success habit.

2.  Next, you must understand how the cycle of procrastination works, so you can break it – once and for all.

The habit of procrastination depletes your energy faster than you may realize. It’s addictive and seemingly unbreakable – almost as if it’s part of your DNA coding. But I’m happy to report – it’s NOT!

It’s merely a bad habit that probably started when you were young, unaware and unmotivated to complete a task that someone else valued as a higher priority than you did at the time.

Have you noticed that as you allow the papers on your desk or in your inbox to continue to pile up – the piles and stacks and things to do list just gets bigger and bigger?

You begin to lose the motivation and the interest to get through those stacks. You get tired. All you want to do is focus on something you CAN accomplish, in order to feel a sense of value in your day – even if it means dusting your copier in the corner of the office, or checking email, or running an errand. Or yes, even playing a round of solitaire – which can become an addiction in and of itself – especially because it has all the components of positive reinforcement for your brain. It has a definite beginning, specific rules in the middle, and conclusive end. Until of course you click restart. Then the cycle of wasting time begins.

Sometimes it takes sheer discipline to overcome. But if you find the right motivation with the right rewards to keep you moving in the right direction to be on purpose with the right tasks – you’ll be on the fast track toward kicking the procrastination habit for good!  And what better motivation than having a profitable MLM business and giving others the same wealth opportunities?If you want to renounce your addiction to procrastination and kick the procrastination habit forever, start by doing the following right now:

1.  Think of something you must accomplish today. (Choose something you may have been putting off for days… maybe weeks.)

2.  Attach negative consequences to “inaction”. (In other words, if you don’t take action on the identified task, what are the bad things that may happen?)

3.  List predictions of all the bad things that will happen if you don’t do what you need to do RIGHT NOW.

4.  Next, attach positive rewards to “taking action” (the opposite of inaction).

5.  Now, see yourself enjoying these rewards once you accomplish the task before you.

6.  Begin using the following statement as your new habitual saying, “The best time to do this is RIGHT NOW!” (This is a Big One!)

Most procrastinators delay what needs to be done because of what they habitually say to themselves. (We call this Negative Programming for your brain.)

For instance, if you find yourself saying, “Oh, I’ll just do that tomorrow” what kind of program are you installing in your super computer called your brain?

HINT: Tomorrow NEVER comes.

This is an important distinction that will either keep you addicted to procrastination for the rest of your life, or kick start you into a new gear.

BUT! If you get into the habit of saying, “I’ll DO IT – RIGHT NOW!” you’ll quickly attach a sense of urgency to getting things done sooner rather than never.

By the way, this doesn’t mean you do everything as soon as it comes across your desk. What it does mean, is that you focus on the right tasks at the right time. And it means you set up a system that works for you in getting things done immediately, so they won’t pile up on your desk/office/inbox.

Any task that you shouldn’t be doing right now, but need to do personally (as opposed to delegating) must have a system attached to it for accomplishing the project/task at the perfect time.

“Doing” something may mean “Scheduling” something. All you need to do is SCHEDULE a task or priority as an appointment in your schedule – and you’re well on your way to licking this dirty little habit once and for all!

Attach a reminder to the high priority tasks you schedule in your appointment book, and now you’re not just licking the habit, you’re getting things done!!! (Whooo-Rah!)

Success Tip #3:
You are a unique individual. There is no one else that has been created exactly the same as you. (Amazing, but true!) Keep in mind, every person in this world is unique.  Bottom line: Implement a system that works best for YOU. Just be sure to have a system that gets you results!

Success Tip #4:
Anytime you read tips and strategies in books, magazines and newspapers – simply try what appeals to you, and apply what works best for you, and YOUR Natural Style.

Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and unique motivational style will help you apply the tips that will work best for your unique, Natural Style, while adapting the ones that don’t match your style. Ultimately discovering your own unique success strategy.

What will you do, starting right now, that will get you more organized and motivated to have a clean, clear desk with only high priority project folders directly in front of you?

Let this year be the year you become massively successful in this area of your professional life, and watch what it does for your upward home-based business.

So now you know exactly how to help your downline look at procrastination and even deal with it. so now you can all work together and make that MLM – Network Marketing fortune!

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