Is there a Secret to Personal Leadership?

Let me ask you a question…

What do you do to get yourself going in the morning?

Coffee? Exercise? Shower?

Doesn’t really matter… odds are you have been doing it for years, and have gotten quite good at it.

You have been displaying Personal Leadership in your life, and it has proven to get you to where you need to go every morning.

Do you realize that it can also get you to where you want to go in your business as well?

There are basically 3 types of Leadership in MLM:

  1.  Personal 
  2.  Formal (group)
  3.  Mentoring

Personal Leadership is one key to your success in Network marketing, as it builds your other Leadership skills as you go.

Important tip: If you cannot Lead You, you cannot lead others.

There are 3 things that you must develop in your Personal Leadership quest:

  1. The Discipline to start
  2. The Conviction to continue
  3. The Resolve to Complete.

Most rarely get past the first and second.

Personal Leadership requires you to START everyday the process of this business… and you MUST know what will pull you and propel you past the starting line.

What you want MLM to bring into your life… your Why should be that pull and propeller.

Personal Leadership requires you to Continue through adversity and hardships… this is where most Personal Leadership jumps ship… never to return…

And Personal Leadership requires you to Complete what you started… the Will to Win… The Passion to Produce… the Fire to Forge on… till done.  To get that “Winning Feeling”

You do this everyday… with your Life Skills you have developed… you can do the same thing with your MLM skills…


One baby step at a time….

I call it “Divide and Conquer”…

Divide your Daily business routine into baby steps and then with your Personal Leadership you have already come to master, Start, Continue and Complete… with Discipline, Conviction, and Resolve.

Important tip: Network marketing IS a course on Personal Leadership.

It introduces YOU to the REAL YOU.

Now… can you accept that or do you have some things to change????

Hope this serves you as you build the Leadership for yourself and your MLM Team!

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