It’s Time to write a Check

Don’t let that subject line scare you, I’m going to explain in a minute.

There’s a world of difference between wanting something and absolutely having to have something.  Have you ever noticed that people always seem to earn just enough money to cover their expenses?  Whatever they GOT To Earn, they will earn.  Why don’t most people earn more than just enough to cover their expenses? Because they don’t have to!

If you want to do better in life, you have to make living a certain lifestyle and achieving a certain level of financial independence a personal GOT TO.  Right now, you probably want many things.  But wanting isn’t going to do it.  You’ve probably wanted them a long time…which is why you haven’t got them.  And you won’t get them until you convert your wants into “magnificent obsessions”.  Until you are filled with a Fervent Desire and a Burning Need to have more, you are always going to have about what you’ve currently got.  To have More, you not only have to BEcome more; you also have to require more.

Why not start requiring more for yourself and for your family? Why not make wealth and happiness a necessity?  Why settle for anything less than the best for yourself and for the people you love?  Why not make BEcoming the best that you can possibly BE your magnificent obsession?

How else are you going to drive yourself to really get in the Game and Stay in the game?  How else are you going to become deadly serious about your chosen Network Marketing company and your Goals?  How else are you going to push yourself to become more if you don’t NEED more out of life?  If you really want to experience radical changes in your life and dramatically affect your income, then you MUST challenge yourself with Bigger Goals and Greater Desires.  You also have to become an “I Can” vs. an I Want Thinker!

OK, so here’s your assignment.  Get your checkbook (Right Now) and write a check to yourself for the Money you have decided you want to make in your MLM business ($500, $1,000, $5,000, $25,000) and put a date on it that is realistic for the hours you’ve set and the skills you currently have.  Tape it to your Computer Monitor or somewhere that you will always SEE it while you work and if anyone asks you about it, tell them what it is!  Now, keep in mind that once you get that check, it’s going to be coming month in and month out for your Future.

Realize that this isn’t about the money alone because that check is also coming because of the things money cannot buy – the real values of life like happiness, love, friendship, character, capacity, self-esteem, confidence, commitment, dedication, and personal achievements you can look back on with pride.

Now, I want you to sit and stare at the check (you did write it, didn’t you?) and see yourself going to the mailbox and there it is!  I want you to capture that Vision on paper; I want you to write what it feels like, what it smells like, what you hear, and even if there is a taste!  I want you to get very clear on what it means to you and those you love.  I want you to capture the essence of that Future Day on paper and put that somewhere so you can read it daily, or anytime you find yourself struggling.

Now, are you saying to yourself, this is silly, I don’t want to do that…well, then click that X at the top of your page and pretend you never had a shot at Total Financial Freedom!

It’s Your Life.

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