MLM: Accountability is a Team Effort

How’s 2008 going for you so far?

Have YOU set MLM Goals for the year?
Making good progress toward your MLM goals?
Are you on track to meet your January projections?
Are you ready to tackle February’s commitment?

If your results aren’t where you want them to be – or worse, if you don’t have any  idea whether or not you’re on track – then it’s a matter of ACCOUNTABILITY

I’m a champion goal-setter. I have an MLM Game Plan that takes me out to the year 2015. I know how to translate my Big Goals into weekly and daily activities.  I know several of my other Team members who do the same.  Do YOU?

At some point you have to decide “This year is going to be different!”

I’ve had a pact with a MasterMind Group.  Every Thursday morning without fail, we meet to publicly recount our progress (or lack of it) in meeting the previous week’s goals, and to announce our commitments for the week ahead.

WEEKLY, PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY! Could that be YOUR Missing ingredient?

In just a very short time, each of us has become much more conscious of how we set, measure and track our daily activities.   More importantly, we’ve made a quantum leap in our results.

Like to try it? Here’s a simple action plan for you:

  • 1.   Set TRACKABLE goals.
  • Example: I will spend 5 quality hours this week on meeting new people through the web.  Whether it is message boards, icq, email lists, websites or anywhere else I can find them.    
    I will make 10 phone calls to potential prospects.
    I will identify 3 new potential partners.       

  • 2.  Use a planner system to write down your goals for the week and to record your actions.
  • 3.   Find two to four compatible colleagues with whom you are comfortable sharing your goals and results and form a team with them.   
  • 4. Set a time to meet with your team EVERY WEEK. No exceptions.      
  • 5.  Tell the truth. If you don’t, the biggest one you’re fooling is yourself.
  • 6. Celebrate your growing successes.
  • Important: The secret of this technique is to form a team not just with your MLM business partner or spouse, but with outsiders.   The people you are most intimate with are all too likely to let the meeting time slide, or to let you off the hook if you don’t do what you said you would. There’s much more incentive to succeed when you publicly proclaim your intentions to a third party … and then must report on your progress every seven days. 

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    3 Responses to “MLM: Accountability is a Team Effort

    • 1
      Adrian Francis
      January 26th, 2008 15:48

      You know I used to do all that stuff!
      Not any more I have found a way of generating so many Free prospective agents to me….
      It’s all running on auto!

    • 2
      January 26th, 2008 16:02

      Adrian…that is wonderful for You, but how about your Team members? Are you growing a 1 legged organization or a multi-level team?

    • 3
      Adrian Francis
      January 26th, 2008 17:54

      Hi Cheryl

      My Team members are making money with my companies marketing plan.
      We had to find another method of creating new prospective agents as well as all the other stuff. I have been in the industry a long time! When I first started we used to hand out audio tapes. then we handed out CD’s, then DVD’s. The 100 name list the 200 name list. The 3 foot rule. If they can fog a mirror talk to them. now we find people online that are ready to join our teams and we get them for FREE. It does not work for everyone, but that’s the way it is.



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