Professional Impressions will make or break Your MLM Business

These are the The 10 Most Common Business Etiquette Errors and it is something you need to be aware of and share with your MLM Team so they are not doing them.

1. Wasting other people’s time. Are you sometimes late for appointments? Do you occasionally arrive unprepared? Have you missed deadlines for turning in assignments? Do you feel that barging into another person’s conversation or work space any time you want is acceptable?

2. Speaking before thinking. Listen carefully to yourself. Do you call people by inappropriate nicknames or use forms of address such as “Hon” or “Babe” that could be interpreted as demeaning or insulting? Do you sometimes use humor that is tasteless or crude? Have you ever insulted, criticized, or embarrassed a colleague? Do you gossip or perpetuate rumors?

3. Dressing unprofessionally, exhibiting sloppy grooming. Are your clothes too tight, too short, revealing, or unkempt? Do you have ragged nails or messy hair? Look in the mirror: Is this the image you want others to use in assessing you? Is it the image your MLM company wants to project?

4. Abusing or misusing technology. Does your beeper or cell phone frequently interrupt conversations or go off in the middle of meetings, even when there is no real emergency? Is it obvious that you use your answering machine to screen unwanted calls? Do you tie up other people’s fax machines and waste their paper with unsolicited materials?

5. Using poor telephone manners. Do you ever confuse people by not immediately identifying yourself properly? Do you keep people on “hold” for too long? Do you ever forget to give messages or to return calls promptly? Do you eat during phone conversations or slam down the receiver when you’re finished talking?

6. Greeting people improperly or not at all. Is your handshake pleasant and reassuring? Or is it limp as a noodle or painful as a vise? Are you sure you always know when a handshake is appropriate? When visiting another country, do you assume that this is the proper greeting, or do you take the time to learn the proper gestures?

7. Practicing poor conversational skills. Do you interrupt when others are speaking? If you ask a question, do you proceed to another topic before the person can answer? Do your eyes wander when someone is speaking?

8. Letting poor body language undermine your words. Your body language speaks louder and more eloquently than words. Do you imply a lack of self-confidence or interest by slouching? Do you convey closed-mindedness and inflexibility by crossing your arms or boredom by averting your eyes?

9. Invading other people’s privacy or abusing shared space. When you are in someone else’s space or sitting next to someone in a meeting, do you read the papers he or she has on the table or listen in on conversations? After sharing a conference room, do you sometimes forget to clean up after yourself?

10. Forgetting — or simply not knowing — table manners. Do people ever comment on your picky or overzealous eating habits? Does a formal table setting intimidate you? Do you play a clumsy tug-of-war with the check?

Obviously, some of these you wouldn’t know about if you haven’t met your Team in person, but these are things to recognize when you can!  Our Professionalism is everything and your MLM business depends on it!

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