Ready to learn the Success Triangle

If you can master the Success Triangle, then you will achieve whatever you have set your mind to!  You see everything we do is based on what we have programmed our mind FOR.  These are the angles to the Success Triangle:

Internal communication  (what you say to yourself)
External Communication  (what you say to others)
Technical Know-how      (how you do the things you do)

Mastery requires 1) Time, 2) Energy, 3) Frustration, and 4) Change.

Isaac Newton says “We move until interrupted by something and we will continue on a path until that interruption occurs”. 

We know people get started in an MLM business because they are looking for certain results.  We also know that Your Beliefs are what creates Your Actions, which will create Your Results.

Society sets up people to be broke as most of our environment actually teaches Lack and Limitation. Don’t believe me; let’s look at the Greatest movie that ever sold…Titanic!  What is the entire messaging in that movie to program people:  Rich people are bad, money is bad, and it is spiritual to be poor!  That whole movie was based on poverty consciousness, not a Prosperity consciousness.  Do you own that movie?  I would suggest you BURN it and never watch it again.  Don’t throw it away, it will affect someone else who pulls it from the trash!  And yes, it SOLD $400B. 

Need another example?  What does Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Harry Potter have in common?  They are “viewed” as heroes…and they are ALL orphans!  They also “always” have to fight the rich Villans!  Poverty or Prosperity?  The kind of programming we get at the sub-conscious level is always like this! 

When you look at your own life, what have you been programmed?  Do you really “believe” you deserve to prosper?  Is there something that is setting your thermostat, that may need to be changed? 

Can you focus your attitude that…If he/she can do it, I can do it?  Are you ready to give yourself the ability to Win?

The first thing I suggest is to do a 30 Day Mental Fast!  That means shut off the T.V., radio and don’t read newspapers!  Trust me, if there is something urgently important to know…you’ll KNOW!  I’m serious, you need to try this and really SEE for yourself how it begins to change your thinking.  You’ll be amazed at what you hear others talk about and you’ll start to clearly see the Lack and Limitation we’ve all been forced into!

The one way I know to de-program your sub-conscious is to get self-improvement tapes and listen to ½ an hour in the morning (while you’re getting ready for work) and ½ an hour at night (while you’re getting ready for bed).  You’ll be amazed at what this will do to help you Become the person you want to BE!

So what are YOU listening to right now?


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