Recruiting Beyond The Business, A great thing to Teach your MLM Team

If there was a way that you could guarantee to explode your MLM Success, and touch people in such a way that most would follow you to the moon if you went… Would that be of interest?

Whether you are online, or offline…. this will help give you an idea that literally exploded my MLM business once I learned it… and I was blessed with a high recruiting ratio for years and years…

What is “Recruiting Beyond the Business?” Before we get to that, let’s go over what is missing in most folk’s lives…..

What is that?

Learn this …and change your own life as well as others…..

Most people…go their whole life without once ever being told they could truly succeed, that they had it in them to do great things, and worse, no one has ever taken the time to show them they care enough to help or show them how…..And most people today are Starving for someone to help them get beyond where they are in life…in debt up to their eyeballs, and going on a treadmill of repeated mistakes that they just cannot seem to break…. They are looking beyond where they are now to try to do something with their life….

That’s where you come in….. We teach that you must in sponsoring touch a person’s heart before they will touch your MLM business….people want to feel good about their life, future, and working with you… That is why you must “Recruit Beyond the Business”… That’s where their true interest lies….not working with you, as much as you working with them to help them get out of the rat race….

How do you do it? With your Focus. Focus on what the business can bring to their life… beyond the business…You must bring to their life a Vision Bigger than the business!!! What would that be? A Radical, Life changing, revelation so powerful they will never be the same. Vision that motivates them to go on a life Changing Crusade!!!!

… or something so simple as….. The difference in their thinking it will make… ..the difference in their Personal growth it will make..The Increase in Self Esteem it will make… What it can bring to their life financially… The Learning that will occur to help them in their Passion … ..What they can teach their kids to give them a better chance at having a great life… How their perception of what can happen in their life will change….. And most important…. The Person they want to become…they Will become…through the growth, maturing, and increase in All aspects of their life…through what they will Learn, Ignite, and Evolve into with your business…

Ask them… “If you learned to handle people better…how would that help you in Life?”

“If you became a more disciplined person…would that help you in Life?” “If you became a more Powerful communicator…what difference would that make…?”

And the “5 Power Words of Vision in Recruiting…” “Imagine the feeling of this…..”( Name a Benefit…)

“Imagine the feeling of People being riveted to what you have to say because they want to Listen due to How you are saying it…How would that feel?” “Imagine the feeling of being in a Position to have the resources to help a great friend in need…How would that feel?”

“Imagine the feeling of knowing…absolutely nothing could stop you if you decided to succeed at something…How would that help you?” People would follow you to the moon if you are Sincere, Authentic, and Truly Care about taking the Time to help Put their Life on Track to Their Dreams and what they View as Success.

Too many people are “Recruiting Beyond Their Bank Account”….they are focused on what that person can bring to their bank account, verses what they can bring to that person’s life.

True…Money drives a lot of the business….but would you rather Chase the Money…..or Attract it?

Millionaires in this Business didn’t Chase the Money it was Attracted to them….Through Helping others…(Yes, I know their are exceptions, and Mean Spirited people do exist..but as a general rule…) That is what being a sponsor is all about…. Learning the Power of Attracting Success, Not Chasing It….. And people are attracted like a magnet on steroids to a Better, Bigger, and Bountiful Life…

And recruiting Beyond the Business in Summary is this….Show How your MLM Business can help people in their Life, with Results and benefits beyond the Business…. If you just caught what I just wrote…..

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