Three Reasons We Don’t Reach Our MLM Goals and Dreams

So many books, tape programs, and articles expound the goal philosophy. We all work toward our goals, but sometimes, maybe many times, we fall short.

Why? What went wrong? Did we? Or is this all a sham? We know some people make it. Some people reach their goals. We read about them all the time. Why not me?

Goals and goal-predicting are critical to success in your
MLM Network Marketing Business opportunity, and one must focus on the intended result. We have written down our goals in crystal clear terminology. We have made those little cut-out pictures and put them on the walls for constant moral and visual support. Haven’t we all chanted our goals robustly, with confidence, unwavering and vibrato? Probably that and then some.

What is missing, though, when we fall short? Can we discover the key principles that move us forward, or are we destined to drudge in the quagmire of disbelief?

Here are basic principles that I have learned, discovered, uncovered, and revealed to myself since I got started in Network Marketing. See if they don’t fit in some way for you:

1) You will never go where you don’t feel you belong.

This is the first and probably the most important basic principle I have observed that keeps people from reaching their goals. Take a moment to think about this. Isn’t it true that we will not enter a fancy club, a chic restaurant, or even an ominous building if we don’t think we would belong? We shy away, not thinking we “fit the qualifications” for admittance. This preconception prevents us from going forward. In many cases (Network Marketing?), it anchors us in our own self-directed mediocrity. And who put us there? Who predestined our mediocrity?

This hesitation to go where “no one like us” has gone before was not a curse given at birth. No, no. This dreaded trait is one we learned, and probably very early on. Most likely it was our parents who put up the road blocks. Well-intentioned people, love you more than anything, and want you to be all you can be — within their bounds of acceptance. What I am referring to is the sometimes even unspoken “Don’t think it’s possible to live in that grand a house or make that kind of money or drive an automobile that expensive, you might get burned if you try.” Burned by who, or what? The blister and scar of ordinary, mundane, and non-rewarding existence, perhaps? I think not. We check and balance the progress and maturity of our children. “Have a great life, but not too great. Keep it within our reality. Do well, but not so well that it may cause us to look bad and challenge our own perception of success.” Unintentional, but still disempowering. Most people begin life set up for failure — and failure is defined as not reaching your goals.

Or perhaps the confines of life within limits was brought to us courtesy of our peer group in school — you know, the ones who knew they couldn’t make it to the top (how did they know what or where the top was and who limited them?) and to be “cool,” accepted, and one of the “pack,” we succumbed to their definition of our destiny.

Or maybe it was a high school or college mentor, spouse, ex-spouse, friend, ex-friend, etc. Pick one that fits your excuse, because now it is time to move on!

So how do you breakthrough? What do you do to go beyond the limitations that you (or your parents, friends, relatives) have set up for you?

First and foremost, create a new mentality. Your new mentality is: I can be, do, and have anything I desire in life. This may be a huge leap of faith, but it is critical. I am sure you have heard the time-worn phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I like it a lot; in fact, in my search for new meaning and direction, I reversed this phrase to say, “When the teachers are ready, the students will appear.”

Second, Your goals aren’t really your goals.

What’s that? What do you mean my goals aren’t real? Most people set themselves up for failure by trying to meet other people’s expectations and achieve other people’s goals. Outside influences as described above hinder us in accomplishing what we really want out of life. The “dream stealers” say, “You want to go where with whom by when?!?! Oh, no way!” Or something very similar.

What is your inner desire?
What would you really like to do for the rest of your life?
What gives you passion, energy, excitement, and drive?
What would you do with the rest of your life if income were not a consideration?

These are the real questions that tap into the deep burning feelings that propel people into action. Our real goals, our real passion, may not be easy to define, but time taken to really hone in on them is worth it.

And then thirdly, You really didn’t want it in the first place.

This is tough love, but this is the real reason for many of us in the “I didn’t reach my goal” cry. Let’s face it — there are a lot of lazy people out there. You see them and hear them all the time: “Gosh, I really want to do this, you know if I had the opportunity, if things were just right, here is what I would do. . . .” and on and on. Most people are unmotivated. We’d all love to have a million dollars handed to us on a silver platter, but only the smallest percentage of us is willing to earn it.

Define goals you want — because attaining them is up to you. I look forward to seeing you at the top of your game. And by the way, bring a few friends with you!

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