Building your MLM business naturally with your List

When you began your MLM business you probably started by making a list of people you know.  That is always a good start because you are only looking for a few Key People and it should come from those you Know, Like and Trust. 

I have always found that after making the list I prefer to categorize people because some on my list I wouldn’t want to work with.  That should not preclude you from sharing the product with them (I don’t believe anyone would be offended if you make some money because they made a purchase of something they’d never know about if you didn’t tell them!)  Everyone you know can benefit from the products or service, but they may not make a great MLM business partner or Team mates.  That is YOUR decision and it is important you understand the responsibility you have each time you choose to enroll someone on your MLM Team!

When your talking to people, you will find some are naturally a perfect fit for your MLM product/service and you just aren’t sure if they would make a good fit for your MLM Team.  In fact, they might be quite anxious to get started with your MLM Product and you aren’t necessarily ready to discuss a partnership with them. 

Let’s get back to the list you made (you did make one didn’t you?), the easy way to determine which way to approach these people (Business or Product) is to assign them codes. 

My acronym for the code is S.T.E.A.M.  (Steam is a very powerful source of energy).  Next to each name you want to assign one or more of those letters.  So what do they stand for, you ask :-)

**S is for Sales...who do you know in sales, loves sales, is trying to break into sales or who naturally refers good things to others?
**T is for Teacher, coach, mentors, people who love sharing Life’s lessons and just naturally helps other people.
**E is for Enthusiasm…who are the most enthusiastic people on your list?
**A is for Attitude!  Who are the people with great attitudes on your list…because as you know, Attitude is the 2nd Most Important Thing in Business.
**M is for Money…who is making the MOST money, who is always talking about money ideas, who is motivated by money or looking to make extra money on your list?  (Caveat to this one: if they are only INTO things for the money, this won’t work for them as they won’t be patient enough to allow it to happen and anyone who chases money is actually repelling it.  Dollar signs in someone’s eyes can be seen and even heard by telephone!)

As you assign letters next to people’s names on your list, now you can SEE who potentially would make a Great Partner and you even have a very Natural approach with them.  “Hi Bill, this is Cheryl, I know you have a very successful track record in Sales and I’m sure it’s because of your Great Attitude, have you ever looked at applying your skills in a business of your own so you can build up residuals, so that one day you won’t have to work to keep collecting an income?”

“Hello Carol, this is Cheryl, I’ve always seen you as a natural teacher and as I think about it, I believe it’s your enthusiastic nature when you’re sharing things with me.  Have you ever considered putting that natural talent you have toward a business of your own, because I ran across something that needs people with great teaching skills?”

So by using STEAM with your list, you have a natural approach for those you believe would make your best partners!  Try it, I think you’ll enjoy the conversation!

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