Don’t Feel Guilty For Being Selfish

Recently one of my distributors asked me what she should do about all the guilt she is feeling.  It seems she was getting feedback from some friends that she was so focused on her MLM business that she wasn’t spending as much time with them.  When she talked about what she was doing you could just hear her enthusiasm, her desire to learn and grow and how excited she was about the future.  She is still a fairly new distributor and when we initially talked she had mentioned her extensive friendships and all the good times they have had together. 

Whatever situation you are in – you must always look ‘after number one’ (yourself) first.

We weren’t put on this earth to be unhappy and miserable because of how other people affect us. We are here to enjoy ourselves, to have fun, and to make the most of what natural talents we have been given.

It’s all very well worrying about how your actions may be interpreted by other people, or by how much you ‘should’ do – but it’s all pointless if you don’t look after yourself.

Work on yourself first. YOU are the most important person in your life.

It’s not selfish to want to be happy and fulfilled. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to improve yourself and your finances ahead of putting other people first. You won’t be much use to them if you are in the ‘gutter’.

Action Point:

In what ways are you holding yourself back because of other people?

I’m not asking you to be self-centered.

Just be a little more considerate of your OWN feelings when you are doing what you do.

Going through life feeling guilty for wanting to have the life you want is not going to make you happy so you better start changing your thinking right now!

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