Do you Build your MLM Business scattered or with a Daily Method of Operation?

You grab the mail from your mailbox. Between all the bills and junk mail you find a letter from your MLM company. You rip it open and pull out a bonus check. You laugh and say, “I might as well cash it and go shopping!”

On your way to the bank you notice about 50 cars, bumper to bumper, slowly following a hearse.

Suddenly the hearse accelerates to over a hundred miles per hour. Your sense of adventure kicks in and you decide to pursue. You rush past fifteen other cars just to keep up with the speeding hearse.

The hearse makes a U-turn, followed by a right turn and then a sharp left turn. Luckily you’re Mario Andretti’s cousin, so you’re able to stay on his tail, but 20 of the other cars can’t keep up and drop out.

The hearse speeds up for a mile, zips down an alley, runs a red light and disappears into heavy traffic. Even you can’t keep up, so you decide to quit trying.

Of the original 50 cars, how many do you think are still following the hearse?

Probably none.

That’s why a hearse follows a set path, at a steady pace. This way anyone following can reach the ultimate destination together.

As an MLM leader, you are like a hearse for your MLM team (don’t get morbid on me — it’s only a partial analogy, okay?). Are you following a proven path, or are you zig-zagging around hoping everyone will keep up with you?

Here’s what might be happening. Your sponsor shares her method of building the business. You agree to use it and share it with your new distributors.

Three weeks later, you attend a regional rally, and the guest speaker shares a different way of business building. You and some of your distributors decide to try his way. Some don’t.

You read an article on the Internet a few weeks later about another great business method. You decide to give it a shot and forward the article to your leaders. Some of them decide to try this new way as well. Others don’t.

Six months later, you’re wondering why your group grows only a few levels deep and then fizzles out, and why many of your leaders are inactive and your bonus check is getting smaller.

Here’s the bottom line: It’s hard to build momentum with your team if you change paths every few weeks, or even every few months.

Pick one way and stick with it — even if it feels like you’re moving about as fast as a hearse.

Looking for the one secret magical way to build your business could cost your team time and money. A fragmented downline cannot compete with one that has a set path, a set daily method of operation.

That method can be as simple as:

  1. Get a handful of customers.
  2. Get a handful of customer-getters.
  3. Repeat the process.

Find a modus operandi that your entire MLM team can learn and get results from, especially the brand new distributor.

Then teach it over and over and over again — on your conference calls, after your meetings, through your actions. Have everyone experience it. Don’t teach anything else until they get the basic daily method of operation down.

Only after your distributors have gotten the basics down should you teach them different ways to build the business using their natural skills, strengths, and assets.

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