The Joys of Repeated Failure, especially in Network Marketing

For most of us, “failure” has a tragic and undeserved reputation as something bad and painful. It’s very unfair, and it holds us back and limits our success. If “failure” had an attorney, it would have an excellent chance of winning a lawsuit for defamation and slander.  :-)

Too often, we view failure as reflecting on the person who “failed”. We view them (or ourselves) as having poor judgment, poor skills, or lack of character! How absurd!

There are only a handful of ways to “fail”, and I don’t view any of them as bad.

First, you can “fail” by losing a competition. I remember talking to a high school athlete who defined himself as “slow” because he lost a race to the state’s fastest sprinter. I also remember a beautiful and talented woman who defined herself as “ugly” because in college she finished fourth in a beauty pageant.  How, exactly, are those examples of “failure”?

Are you beating yourself up when you don’t win your MLM Companies product retailing contest?  Or when there are bonuses for new sponsoring activities?  Why? Read the rest of this entry »

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Becoming A Successful Distributor in MLM – Network Marketing

What separates a successful networker from one who has yet to succeed? Simply this: Successful distributors do the daily disciplines (DMO) destined to take him or her—over time—to greatness!

So if you’re ready to become a success in network marketing, here is a proven success formula you should consider:

* Read a good book for 30-minutes every day.
* Listen to 30-minutes of an audio program every day.
*Take a class at least four times every year.

You see, successful distributors, and those who want to become successful distributors, select one area of their business to improve monthly—and then they go to work on getting better! Because serious students of success are truly focused on mastering the fundamentals: Read the rest of this entry »

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Do you Build your MLM Business scattered or with a Daily Method of Operation?

You grab the mail from your mailbox. Between all the bills and junk mail you find a letter from your MLM company. You rip it open and pull out a bonus check. You laugh and say, “I might as well cash it and go shopping!”

On your way to the bank you notice about 50 cars, bumper to bumper, slowly following a hearse.

Suddenly the hearse accelerates to over a hundred miles per hour. Your sense of adventure kicks in and you decide to pursue. You rush past fifteen other cars just to keep up with the speeding hearse.

The hearse makes a U-turn, followed by a right turn and then a sharp left turn. Luckily you’re Mario Andretti’s cousin, so you’re able to stay on his tail, but 20 of the other cars can’t keep up and drop out.

The hearse speeds up for a mile, zips down an alley, runs a red light and disappears into heavy traffic. Even you can’t keep up, so you decide to quit trying. Read the rest of this entry »

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Network Marketing: Have a DMO?

The key to developing new disciplines is consistency. The key to developing consistency is what I call a DMO (Daily Method of Operation).  A DMO is a specific plan of daily activities that, when followed consistently, will enable you to sustain and accelerate momentum in any area of your life!  For example, if you wanted to become a serious Businessbuilder, your first step would be to establish some momentum by taking Immediate Action such as making a list and categorizing people.  Once you’ve done that, then you need to take steps to hear how your business is presented or start approaching through the product…you do have your own testimonial…don’t you? 

Obviously, doing these tasks one time or once in a while isn’t going to lead to any significant results or your goal of BEcoming a serious Businesbuilder. To sustain and accelerate your momentum, you need to do it Every Day and follow a consistent training program.  

To establish some business momentum, your sponsor should be providing you with steps to take, baby steps, but if you’ve been doing everything asked, it is a practice in building and sustaining momentum. Read the rest of this entry »

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