Do your qualities match your MLM prospects qualities?

Effective MLM leaders are always on the lookout for good people. I think each of us carries around a mental list of what kind of people we would like to have in our MLM organization.

Think about it. Do you know who you’re looking for right now? What is your profile of the perfect MLM prospect?

What qualities do these people possess? Do you want them to be aggressive and entrepreneurial? Are you looking for leaders? Do you care whether they are in their twenties, forties, or sixties? Stop right now, take a moment, and make a list of the qualities you’d like to see in the people on your MLM team. Find a pencil or pen, and do it now before you read any farther.

 My People Would Have These Qualities and Characteristics:

Now, what will determine whether the people you want are the people you get—whether they will possess the qualities you desire? You may be surprised by the answer. Believe it or not, who you get is not determined by what you want. It’s determined by who you are.

Go back to the list you just made, and next to each characteristic you identified, check to see if you possess that quality. For example, if you wrote that you would like “great leaders” and you are an excellent leader, that’s a match. Put a check by it. But if your leadership is no better than average, put an X and write “only average leader” next to it. If you wrote that by who you are “entrepreneurial” and you possess that quality, put a check. Otherwise, mark it with an X, and so on. Now review the whole list.

If you see a whole bunch of Xs, then you’re in trouble because the people you describe are not the type who will want to follow you. In most situations, you draw people to you who possess the same qualities you do. That’s The Law of Magnetism: Who you are is who you attract.

If you want leaders, you must become a leader yourself!

So, look at the Team you have so far…is this right on?

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