Getting past Price Objections

A lot of people get stumped the minute someone says, “Oh, I think that’s too expensive,” but price objections are rarely really about price at all. Many of the people who get this objection are simply delivering monologues to their prospects.

They’re boring them and making them uncomfortable— and a price objection is an easy way for the prospect to put an end to the conversation. 

Then, since the Networker doesn’t know what to say next, they “shut up.” Prospect wins.

The thing you need to remember is this: If you can identify the value of your MLM product for someone, even if they’re broke, they’ll try to find the money to do it.

Your first step is to determine people’s interest by asking casual questions. If the person is even mildly interested in your story, you want to find out what caused that little bit of curiosity— and if you give them a chance, they’ll gladly tell you.

Be alert to whatever sparked their interest, because that’s the benefit they want. If you’re listening intently, you can then align your presentation to show them how they can get those benefits with what you have to offer.

Since you’re citing benefits they just told you they want, you know they will be interested and see the value.

Most legitimate price objections are based on a lack of perceived value— the value of what you’ve presented doesn’t seem equal to the cost involved.

If there are other distributors presenting your MLM products or MLM opportunity successfully, then you can!

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