Identifying Markets of Great MLM Prospects

We talked about internet stats, so let’s see how you can identify your market for your MLM business.

One of the things that I think is very different between the online and offline markets is that it’s so much easier to find a market within any variety of niches.   The research is readily available to identify the number of people within a niche, how big it is and where to communicate with that market.  It’s so easy online, whereas it’s more difficult and time-consuming offline.

 And new market niches constantly pop up.  These niches are not big enough to go offline; they’d cost too much to get to. But online, you have people that are congregating in one spot from all over the world at one web site, or one e-mail list, or one forum.

I remember in the early days spending a lot of time in newsgroups.  And you’d find people really honing down their interests…People who ride harleys only wearing pink..I’m not kidding.  That’s what makes the internet so fascinating and lucrative for networkers.   You can identify the most bizarre, unique, small-niche market that anybody could think of; you couldn’t do it offline, but online you can make a couple grand a

How does that help you as a network marketer?  It gives you the ability to easily find people who have common interests with you.  Don’t you find it is easier to talk with someone you have something in common with?  I know I sure do.  I don’t use a 3 foot rule…I use my fingertips!

When I train one of my new MLM distributors, I teach them how to FISH for life on the net so they’ll never run out of people!  Literally we Create prospects on demand!  Talk about MLM Leads!

SO…the first thing to do is Make a list of Things you do for pleasure, things you know a lot about, things you want to learn about.  Now just let your fingers do some searching on your favorite Search engine.

That’s how you start building a real MLM pipeline of the right kind of MLM Prospects and people that match with you!  AND, that’s how I and my downline have succeeded without EVER buying MLM leads.

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