Why Build Your MLM Business on the Internet?

I don’t know about you, but when I was told about MLM, they stated that it was a home-based business.  In the first 5 years, I saw so little of home, I thought I was doing it all wrong.

I wanted the leverage and freedom that MLM provides, but I also wanted to be able to stay home and do it.

The internet wasn’t what it is today, back in the early 90’s, so you can kind of say, I was a pioneer of the early internet.  The stats when I got on were about 60M who spoke English and there weren’t even 1 Million websites.  Everyone had dial-up.  Banner ads were just getting popular, people talked on IRC, and email lists were just starting. 

 Today 237,168,545 just in the US alone are online and there are 379,529,347 who speak English (which is only 30.1 % of all Internet users).  There are over 1 billion Internet users in 2007.

The active websites today are  estimated at 433,193,199 and it is estimated the number of web pages must be somewhere between 15 and 30 billion.  Now 66M of Americans have high-speed.

The Internet keeps changing, but it is more exciting than ever and the opportunity to connect with people while you sit home is so much greater today than ever before.

So what the Internet provides to MLM Distributors IS a way to Stay Home and be able to successfully work their business.  AND, I’m proof as I have done it successfully for over a decade and have built customers and distributors in the tens of thousands by making connections online.

I believe this is the best way to build a strong and thriving MLM Multi Level Network Marketing business because networking is what the internet is all about.

More on that in my next entry.

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2 Responses to “Why Build Your MLM Business on the Internet?

  • 1
    Heidi Whitaker
    January 19th, 2008 22:32

    I couldn’t agree more. Web 2.0 levels the playing field. Any “small time” network marketer can become a big time recruiter with a little know-how and application.

  • 2
    January 20th, 2008 19:01

    Thanks Heidi. I’m going to be getting into the “little know-how and application” a lot on this blog.

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