In MLM, Never Accept Second Best

The world is changing.

The emphasis is shifting from quantity…to quality.

People want the best…not necessarily the fastest. They want value for money…not cheap and nasty.

Do you feel as if you are only putting in enough effort just to “get by”? Do you do what you feel is expected of you…and no more?

Wouldn’t you be disappointed if you noticed that someone wasn’t “pulling his or her weight”? How do you know that people aren’t thinking the same about you?

You wouldn’t accept second best if you had the choice – so why choose to give only “second best” in your MLM business…or in your relationships…or in your own self-development?

Action Point:

In what ways can you move away from second-best both at home and in your MLM business?

Sometimes…it’s the little things that make a big difference. Just an extra five minutes effort here…or an extra touch there…or even a thirty-second follow-up phone call.

Don’t settle for second-best in anything that you do…the only person who will lose out in the long run is you!


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