For Tough Decisions…toss a coin

This idea is something that I occasionally use if I have a particularly tough decision to make.

Just because of its simplicity you may not believe that it works – but believe me, it certainly does!

OK. Let’s assume that you have a decision to make – you must chose option ‘A’ or option ‘B’. You’re torn between each one for their own reasons, and therefore there is no ‘out-and-out’ winner.

Here’s what you do. Toss a coin. One choice is heads – the other tails. Whichever way it lands – that’s the option you choose.  Listen to what your inner voice tells you and how you feel when the choice is decided?

Are you even slightly disappointed at the outcome? If you are – then you know that that choice is NOT the one for you and that you should choose the other one that the toss of the coin DIDN’T select.

This is an excellent way of really finding out which option you are more happy with – and it works every time.

Action Point:
What ‘split’ decisions can you toss a coin on?

This exercise is perhaps more useful than you imagine.

Listening to your inner voice is an excellent way to make some serious improvements in your life.

Very few people listen to their ‘gut feelings’ where decisions are concerned and you will find that those that do are the successful ones!


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