Network Marketing: Great Reasons for Optimism

People ask me all the time about how long they can expect to work before they reach the “PAY-OFF” in MLM.

Let’s look at this from the traditional perspective of what you’d be doing if you weren’t an MLM Distributor.

The forty-year plan is the best that folks can hope for in traditional businesses. So, what’s the forty-year plan, you ask? By age twenty-five, most people have an idea of what profession they’ll enter, anything from a fishing guide to a surgeon.

But forty years later, out of a typical 100 people, 5 are still working, 36 are dead, 54 are dead broke (or at least earning far less than when they were employed), 4 are well off, and 1 person is wealthy. Thus, the forty year plan means that for four decades most of us go back and forth from home to work, back and forth, back and forth, like a silly, sick, caged animal… and yet at the end of that time only 1 out of 100 has something to show for it!

In stark contrast is the Four-Year Plan. Work diligently with one MLM, Network Marketing company for four years, build an income based on the honest movement of products or services, and you’re set for life. Even more exciting, so are your heirs. Every person’s MLM business is fully inheritable.

If trading the forty-year plan for the Four-Year Plan doesn’t get your heart pumping, you may need to be checked for Alzheimer’s. It is said that ‘Recognition is our most sought after reward in life. Babies cry for it and grown men die for it.’ We are convinced that this adage is right, and no other business can hope to provide all the recognition we receive as leaders in the MLM network marketing industry.

The only times either of us have broken down and cried publicly in front of large audiences have been on two occasions when we were presented with recognition plaques from our downline, and in the other case, the entire distributor force of a Company.  Such recognition awaits all those who become reasonably successful in network distribution.

Nothing in life so pleases us as when other human beings, with tears of sincerity and joy, thank us for giving them the opportunity to make their lives work.  Finally, the joys of travel and stimulating cultural experiences await everyone in this business. Work hard, succeed, and then fasten your seat belt and be prepared to see the world and enjoy new adventures while cultivating international friendships.

There is nothing we human beings detest more than boring, routine work. In MLM, we have a ball traveling, learning about new cultures, visiting major museums, and sampling new and unique meals from entirely different worlds. Network marketing is an incredibly diverse and lucrative profession.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons for optimism in network marketing, and we highly encourage you to periodically review this page and, in particular, these ideas, should the Depression Torpedo catch you unaware. To become involved in network distribution is to become one of the luckiest people in the world.

40 Years or 4 Years?  It’s your Choice!

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