Network Marketing: MLM Suspect or MLM Prospect

It’s NO secret that our business requires we talk to people…new people…everyday! 

I’ve never had to buy MLM leads because I have the internet at my fingertips and it’s easy to start conversations anytime you want!  I actually have a voice room, so I don’t even need to pick up the phone!  30 minutes here and there can create all the MLM leads of opportunity seekers you’ll ever need.  They are ALL over the net. 

So when you begin building your MLM business, you don’t want to *think* everyone should be in it, you just want a Few Key People.  The best way to determine who is Key is by using a Pre-Approach. This is the qualification step – the one that determines whether you have a suspect or an actual prospect.

This can be done simply with qualifying questions.   I won’t cover all the questions I’ve developed here as I have pages and pages of them…and so should you!  But basically, you have to determine whether you *really* have someone that would take an interest.  The best way to do that is just through simple conversation.  No agenda!  It may take more than 1 conversation to determine if you have a real key Prospect!

Pre-approach means before the approach. In other words, this step will determine whether or not you would approach them about the MLM business opportunity or your MLM product at all.

My favorite pre-approach is a quick Pre-Retirement Survey:

1. When would you like to Retire? ( 1, 2, 5, 10 years)?  Great! What’s your plan to achieve this goal?

2. How much money do you need monthly to retire comfortably? ($1,000 a mo, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 or more)?  Great!  What’s your plan to receive this monthly income?

3. How much money do you need to invest at a 6% return to receive your desired monthly income? (Take the answer from #2 and multiply by 200.)  Great!  What’s your plan to accumulate this money?

Obviously, retirement is not on everyone’s mind (although it should be) so you may need to adapt your pre-approach to the Prospect. In fact, many times conversations we have just bring out Natural Approaches. They complain about something we believe we have an answer to, they mention a problem they are having…again we feel we have a solution for.

Since *every* business is in business to solve problems, you really have to be in tune and explore with people what they believe their problems are.  So the pre-approach can just be exploring that person’s life and see what kind of issues come up.  Conversations…no agenda…conversation.

It can be really simple things like:  Do you like where you live? Do you get enough time for vacations every year? Do you spend the quality time with your family that you want? See how simple conversations can generate prospects?

What you have to decide is if this person really wants to hear about your Solution or if they are just venting with NO plan to Change!  When I sense that, I always try to get a customer, so my time wasn’t wasted.  I’m successful at that 80% of the time!

Prospecting with pre-approach questions can be really fun and can build your pipeline of genuine MLM prospects fairly easy. Just don’t go into conversations with the idea that YOU WILL talk about your Network Marketing opportunity…explore where people are and then ask them if they would be interested in exploring solutions. Get their email address and tell them you will put some focus on it.

Keep your conversations going.  If you build the “know, like and trust you” factors before you try to “pitch” you will likely attain new distributors and customers easier than you ever thought.

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