There IS only ONE thing to Fear in your MLM Business

Building an MLM business can be a scary experience for some people because it involves talking to other people – and talking to other people means exposing yourself to the possibility of rejection and disappointment.

No matter how often you tell yourself that when someone says no they are only rejecting the MLM opportunity (and truthfully, their own potential) and not you, it still hurts!

No matter how often you tell yourself that you get paid for telling your story, regardless of the outcome, or that every no is a valuable learning experience, it is still disappointing.

No matter how often you tell yourself that getting a “no” doesn’t mean you have failed, it often feels like you have.  And if there’s one thing most people want to avoid at all costs, it is Failure.

When you are going into that 3rd or 4th straight week of hearing no’s, or getting no response to emails or business cards or ads, it’s tough to keep your attitude straight.  Deep, down inside you know that as long as you are working consistently, and doing your best, you can never fail.  However, when you are dealing with rejection and disappointment on a daily basis, there is a tendency for you to begin to doubt your MLM opportunity AND yourself! 

As your confidence diminishes, fear moves in to take its place. Left unchecked, fear of rejection and fear of failure will eventually find you making “excuses” rather than progress.

It’s natural to be afraid.  Fear is a basic human instinct, the purpose of which is to keep us from getting hurt.  So there’s nothing wrong with being afraid.  The important thing is to make sure that you are afraid of the right thing!  Otherwise, fear can become the major obstacle to building your MLM organization – and to building a lifetime of wealth and happiness.

Think about something for a moment.  What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you tell someone your story?

Obviously, the worst thing that can happen is that someone will say no.  That’s It!  Not no to you, or no to your dreams, or no to your convictions, or no to your better future – just no to the MLM product/service or no to the MLM opportunity.  They will walk away from the encounter, perhaps a little poorer for having failed to see what you see, and you will walk away from the encounter definitely richer for having had the experience of sharing your story one more time.

Now think about this.  What will happen if you don’t tell your story?  What will that do to your future?  To your wealth capacity?  To your self-confidence?  To your Dreams?  To your Hopes?  To your Self-esteem?

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid.  BUT —

If you must fear something, Fear your Failure to Try!

If you are doing your best, if you are taking advantage of every opportunity to tell your story, and if you are telling that story with enthusiasm, and sincerity, and conviction, then you WILL succeed.  And whether your organization consists of a few people or a few dozen, you will be a wealthier person, not just for having tried, but for having tried until you got the job done!

I learned a long time ago, do what you Fear until you don’t fear it anymore…and I believe everyday, that is the one thing that contributes to my success!

Please know, I am here to discuss any fears you may have and to help you conquer them so that you get to the Goal you have set your heart’s desire on!

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