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2 Responses to “Things to Consider at Tax Time

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    Tom Butler
    August 10th, 2011 13:04

    Your article is an IRS Auditor’s dream!

    So many things that you mentioned are NOT deductible, and anyone who is misled by the falsehoods here is going to get badly hurt if they get caught.

    For instance, bad debts are not dedctible, since MLM players report on a cash basis. If you never received the cash to begin with, if a sale goes sour, you don’t have a bad debt expense.

    Laundry and cleaning, unless they are for uniforms and equipment unique to your particular industry, are NOT deductible. No one should ever try and deduct a house cleaning as a business expense unless the cleaning is limited to the home office.

    Your home office deduction section is misleading, as only a portion of expenses are deductible, and there are regular and exclusive use tests that need to be met in order to have any deduction at all.

    I could go on and on, but let’s just say that most of your article is just pure misinformation.

    Oh. My authority on this is 30+ years as an Enrolled Agent, a tax professional licensed directly by the IRS.

    The best thing MLMers should do is get a good tax advisor on board…someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

  • 2
    Cheryl Gonzalez
    April 30th, 2012 14:58

    Tom…You are mistaken on several counts:

    A bad debt for an MLM player could be the purchase of a downline…I’ve had it happen to me…so have others. I WAS audited and it WAS acceptable! My accountant also knew that it was acceptable which is why he took it!

    Many MLM players HAVE created special clothing they ONLY wear for DOING the business. Logo wear IS deductible. Cleaning expense is also fair if you are conducting meetings in the Living Room next to your home office. You may not be deducting the living room, but obviously the cleaning expense IS deductible.

    You certainly don’t give MLM Players much credit for their “common sense”. Most know that you deduct the portion of the square footage used for business. Perhaps you missed that I said “the business portion”.

    Also, MANY of us have listened and even purchased Sandy Botkin’s information, so WE DO know what we’re Talking About!

    You say: My authority is 30+ years as an Enrolled Agent …well, we have been WARNED about you guys who LOVE stating…”you don’t WANT to do that…that’s a Red Flag to the IRS”…so that you cover your own butt as you don’t want to be audited!

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