Become a Mega Networker, not just for business but in Life

Everyone’s heard of using a circle of network contacts to find the right job or increase sales in business, but getting everything you want in life can be accomplished through networking too.

Networking can extend to virtually every facet of life – even dating – and it can have an enormously positive impact on your happiness and success. I know from experience that you can have mega results in your life by having a mega mindset and using mega networking skills. The person with such skills will always out perform those with little knowledge of networking.

Become a Mega Networker in Life as Well as in Business!

Mega networking skills can be learned and you can use the same networking process to get everything you want in life. They are based on solid principles. First is the law of attraction. When you are well grounded in your purpose, have clarity for what you desire most, and are focused on your specific needs, the universe will come to your aid through your network. People who spend time each day getting clear on what it is that they want, always will be able to get what they want.

The second principle is the law of connection. In the same manner that every ‘thing’ in the physical world is connected through gravity, every ‘body’ is connected in the spiritual realm. We activate our spiritual connection through gratitude, forgiveness, and service to others. These three actions will build relationships that are stronger than any destructive force known to man.

The third principle is based on the law of sowing and reaping. Socrates postulated it as the law of cause and effect. First you must give, and then you will receive. The farmer gives the seed and then reaps the harvest. The networker gives time, energy, thought, and caring for others and then reaps the benefits of having his or her own needs met in return.

Ask and it will be given – seek and you will find – knock and the door will be opened: all three exemplify the mega networkers attitude.

If you want the ability to locate the best stores in a community, find the right organizations to join, or meet knowledgeable people to guide you in selecting a good activity for your child, then I recommend learning the magic of networking from Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin, authors of “Networking Magic.”

Rick and Jill surveyed some of the most successful people and I’ve listed below their top ten recommended “Networking Do’s.”

1. Believe that networking will work. Networking requires a positive attitude, because it translates into positive energy that will energize you and those around you.

2. Target the right audience and approach the best individuals who can help and/or direct you to those who can.

3. Make a strong first impression and be well prepared. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

4. Network with those you emulate and don’t be afraid to approach people whom you admire and who inspire you.

5. Talk to everyone you meet and be genuinely friendly. People remember your kindnesses and will go out of their way to reciprocate in the future.

6. Learn to read people and pay close attention to people’s needs. Trust your instincts and when they prove correct, increase your reliance on them.

7. Become a good listener, pay careful attention to what others say, and observe more than talk. Always be interested and curious.

8. Be willing to help and always be ready to give freely and generously. Go the extra mile to provide something special.

9. Be prepared in your subject area and be able to provide insightful answers to questions. If you truly want the best, prove to others that you want to be the best.

10. Find common denominators, interests, objectives, and values, which are the solid bonds that build strong networks and deeper, more lasting relationships.

Follow these tips and you’ll become a mega networker.

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