A simple Formula for MLM success that anyone can follow

I ran across an interesting little distinction that, when fully understood and properly applied, will forever change the way you think, act, and teach the art of building your MLM business.

Interested? Thought you might be…

“To develop your potential for effective leadership, begin with the strengths and abilities you already possess. [Because] You are always stronger when you keep your successes and strengths in mind.”

Vince Lombardi, who coached two teams to World Championships, observed that when football games were over, it always seemed that errors got more attention than successes. The newspaper and television media would highlight, analyze, and discuss the mistakes. One day, Lombardi decided, ‘From now on, we are only going to replay our winning plays.’ And look what happened to him and his team—his theory worked!

Only replay our winning plays… Interesting concept.

How about you? What plays are you running over, and over, and still over again on that all too familiar screen inside your head? Read the rest of this entry »

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