10 Basic MLM Network Marketing Business Principles

“How can I get a hold on my marketing efforts so I can increase my client base?”  This is the question I got from one of my distributors recently.  As we talked a little more about the issues he was facing, marketing wasn’t where he needed help initially.  He needed help with being clear about what business he is in and who would pay for the MLM products he offered.  We also found that his Business Foundation wasn’t solid enough to support the goals of his business; therefore his marketing efforts were not efficient.

After working with him to build a solid foundation, he was able to create a solid marketing plan and increased his MLM prospect base immediately. 

I’m sharing this story with you because 80% of business is marketing.  If you think about it, most activites that we do in our MLM business are focused on getting new business in one form or another–your target market is the CORE of marketing.  If you don’t have customers you don’t have a business.  Since marketing is such a critical ingredient for business, one must understand business to understand marketing.

When you understand business your marketing efforts will be effortless.  To understand business I’ve listed the 10 Basic MLM Business Principles that a small business owner should know and understand.  It will help give you clarity in your business so that you will have clarity in your marketing. Read the rest of this entry »

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