Start Leveraging Failure in your MLM business

The dreaded F-word, failure — it is so important, so common, and yet so misunderstood. Succeeding in Network Marketing depends on knowing how to apply the same leverage principles that make the business model work to the failures you’ll encounter in your day-to-day experience as a Networker.

Few people choose to study their own failures except to lament the consequences and formulate what they believe to be corrective solutions. Most of us have strong tendency to concentrate on the negative side of failure — it’s all bad. (This is terrible., I was counting on Bill to join! It’s no wonder, I must have sounded so stupid on the phone. . . . The meeting was awful! This one prospect just wouldn’t shut up about pyramids so it got all tense and no one signed up…. Oh my God, the company’s gone bankrupt, how am I going to explain it to my group ?!) While the experience of a failed effort can range from mildly unpleasant to devastating, in focusing on the experience alone, we miss the significant positive contributions. The fact is that, like it or not, it’s impossible to be successful without experiencing some degree of failure. Of course we want to avoid it, but how many of us avoid it at such costs that we end up avoiding success with equal determination?

By promoting a more informed and tolerant opinion of failure, I hope to counter the pressure that causes people to respond to failure in ways that inhibit progress and spawn more of the same.  I suggest instead that failure can be a compass for day-by-day progress as you build your Network Marketing business.

Your Failure Guarantee:
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