Belly to Belly or Virtual (Offline or Online)

Here’s a topic that will be debated for a LONG time and with 60 years of history for the belly-to-belly crowd, some may never convert.  I AM a total and complete convert to the internet after experiencing the power and savings that the Virtual aspect provides.  Today (and for years) I generate a totally online MLM income.

I am a big believer that our Industry is all about bringing people together and that means creating community.

All communities need gathering places.  Think of the corner pub, the office lunchroom, the neighborhood bookstore, the local hobby shop, the village church, that hip downtown music club, or the Hotel ballroom – all places where people can gather in groups.

Virtually, a gathering place can be a mailing list, a discussion topic, a chat room, a multi-player game, a forum or bulletin board, a website, or some combination of these.  In fact Social Marketing (via MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ryze and dozens of others) are the newest craze getting more hits than Google! Read the rest of this entry »

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