The Pain and Pleasure of MLM Prospecting

Have you ever procrastinated?

Yes? Good. (I was afraid I was the only one.)

So why do you think you and I do that?

I think I know — we procrastinate because we associate more pain with the process of doing than we do pleasure from achieving the result.  Maybe you put off cleaning out the garage, because you perceived a greater pleasure in watching a football game. Or perhaps you procrastinated for so long that it eventually became easier — less painful — to just take action and complete the task. For example, if it takes a half an hour every time you try to find something in the garage and your spouse is constantly on your back about getting it straightened up, the thought of not cleaning the garage is probably more painful than actually cleaning it.  We mostly act on our emotions and then rationalize our actions with logic and thought.

Didn’t you fall in love with your car and then rationalize how you could stretch to pay for it? Did you do the same thing with your house? You fell in love with it and then rationalized how you would pay for it, or figured out a way to fix it up. The
controlling force in our lives is almost always pain or pleasure.

Before we take a look at how this applies to Network Marketing, here is another illustration of the point: Have you Read the rest of this entry »

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Myths about Online MLM / Network Marketing

So let’s start with some of the myths you might be believing or hearing about building your MLM business online:

First, mass emailing the world because you have a great opportunity in MLM is known as SPAM.  You are soliciting people and taking their time and space and will be viewed as an uninvited guest.  You may lose your Internet connection, you might be fined and even worse you could be terminated from your MLM Company when they start getting complaints.

Buying MLM leads and throwing them into an autoresponder is not going to create an income.  You don’t know them and they don’t know you.   This is not the way to create business partnerships.

Getting involved with downline building groups so you can just join and kick back while those above you do all the work is never going to get you a check.  In fact, just do the math if they do a straight line basically have 1 person below you and usually they are doing what you are…Nothing!  Successful MLM Distributors are willing to work and never look for a free ride.

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