MLM: Some Pre-approaches to find the right people

When I first got started online in the early 90’s, the only way to get an internet connect was to pay by the hour.  I didn’t know anyone else online so for the first year I just surfed, joined email lists and learned.  One of the websites I used was Learn Basic Internet Skills and I also wanted to understand all the abbreviations people were using so I found out about Emoticons and Acronyms

I have to say, I’m amazed that these sites are still there!

Well, I immediately caught on to the power of connecting through email lists and saw the ability to connect with people and build rapport.  Back then I had a successful offline business and not a lot of free time.  I was getting internet bills for over $500. a month, so I figured I better start doing something productive to offset that cost.

Back in those days there were lots of sites paying regular people to help them get people to their site.  So I started reviewing people’s sites and introducing them to the lists I was on.  I was making about $700 a month doing that and decided that there was some real opportunity online.

I was a network marketer back then but I wasn’t seeing the best way to introduce people to my opportunity.  I was building relationships through email and started considering good approaches that would begin to lead toward my MLM business.  I had numerous conversations by email and then eventually the phone, but I did find some questions and also noticed a few things about those I talked with.

Now we must realize that 82% of people do not like where they are going on Monday morning. That doesn’t make all of them good prospects. How do you get them to look at what your business? By getting their attention.

Some of the questions I would ask are:

  1. Are you worth more than what your paycheck says?
  2. If there were a way to increase your income w/o disturbing your current situation and help others at the same time, would you want to know about it?
  3. I would find out what they really want out of life, and why they don’t have it yet. Their excuses will lead you to showing them why you have what they are looking for.

Obviously, those questions depend on if you’re talking with a 9 to 5’er or a business owner.

As networkers, we have to realize that when working with a cold market (people you don’t know) there has to be a dis-satisfaction in their life that they want to change before they are going to be open.  So that means you are going to have to have an open conversation to determine if you’re even talking to that kind of person.

If the person you are talking with misses scheduled appointments, has excuses, doesn’t answer the phone or your email, or can’t make up their mind; they are not the kind of people who will do well in an MLM business. They are not ready to change their life. They are people who would rather stay in poverty, than to take the little step towards the success that you are offering them.

Stop chasing them and move on. You are wasting your valuable time on these people. They are probably looking for the promise of instant wealth, for a program that promises they won’t have to do anything, and will still be in the same place every year hereafter.

You are sorting for Action Takers. Don’t waste anymore time on those that do not have the desire to change their status.  

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