MLM: Some Pre-approaches to find the right people

When I first got started online in the early 90’s, the only way to get an internet connect was to pay by the hour.  I didn’t know anyone else online so for the first year I just surfed, joined email lists and learned.  One of the websites I used was Learn Basic Internet Skills and I also wanted to understand all the abbreviations people were using so I found out about Emoticons and Acronyms

I have to say, I’m amazed that these sites are still there!

Well, I immediately caught on to the power of connecting through email lists and saw the ability to connect with people and build rapport.  Back then I had a successful offline business and not a lot of free time.  I was getting internet bills for over $500. a month, so I figured I better start doing something productive to offset that cost.

Back in those days there were lots of sites paying regular people to help them get people to their site.  So I started reviewing people’s sites and introducing them to the lists I was on.  I was making about $700 a month doing that and decided that there was some real opportunity online. Read the rest of this entry »

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