The Top 10 Activities of Top Networkers

Are you interested in finding out what other real mlm hitters did to succeed? After interviewing hundreds of highly successful MLM Marketers by phone, email, and in person, it became clear to me that there are ten activities nearly all of them have in common. Here’s what I learned and have to say about it:

1)  Sign up new people personally every month. They all said the same thing: The number one thing they did to be successful and reach their level of income was to personally sponsor new people every single month. When I first started, I calculated that if I put in three to five new customers or distributors every day, seven days a week, for four years, I would have 6,000 people in my business. In that compensation program, that would be enough to be earning a million dollars. So for four years, I strived to do that, either with personal contacts or helping people in my organization. Even though I’ve reached a high income, I don’t stop personally bringing new people in.

2)  Develop leaders every one to three months. It’s important to personally sponsor people as customers every month, but you need to also focus on finding new Business builders so you’ll have a minimum of four, if not 12, new people at the end of the year to work with. In my experience, most people who sign up as customers rarely decide later to build the business. They usually do it within the first two weeks or never. I don’t know if that’s true in every company, but that’s what I’ve found.  So attain new distributors monthly.

3)  Be persistent and consistent.  All the leaders I spoke with share these qualities. The difference between success and failure in anything is overcoming obstacles, and everybody has obstacles. I have people in my MLM organization who’ve had heart attacks or deaths in the family, been laid off, been broke for a while, and the ones who have succeeded have overcome those obstacles. Consistency in sponsoring means really doing your actions every week. I use the analogy of someone who’s trying to lose weight. They’re only going to be successful if they’re on a diet basically every day. If they’re on a diet three days and eating like crazy four days, they won’t lose weight.

4)  Treat it like a business. A lot of people say this and don’t do it. Everybody I’ve talked to who’s successful in my organization have incredible testimonials about the product, have consistent MLM Prospects at their website, attend Corporate meetings, lead conference calls, and supports their downline. They don’t wait for the company or upline to do these things for them, they set up their own things locally. In my own case, I set “store” hours for opening my business to do appointments, because I already had a very busy traditional business. I was very disciplined. If I said I was going to do something on Tuesday night, I really did it, and if my appointment cancelled, I didn’t just sit on the couch and put my feet up, I made more phone calls and more appointments during those hours. I was productive, efficient, and I dressed in business attire. I had all the tools I needed to run it that way: fax, three-way calling, answering machine, business cards — I think all these things are important when you first start.

5)  Work with the right people. This is a common challenge: I’ve sponsored three people, now who do I work with? As a leader of my MLM organization, I use the “six homework assignment” formula for discerning which are the right people: One, do they have some passion for the product/service? Two, have they validated their website and sent in their paperwork? Three, have they responded to emails? Four, have they introduced themselves on the Team discussion list and are they participating? Five, have they made a list of potential prospects? Six, have they written down their goals, hours, and weekly actions?

I’m willing to work with and devote time to anybody who does those six things. If they don’t, I don’t work with them. I say, “When you’re ready, call me.”

I learned this through trial and error. Believe me, I wasted a lot of time at the beginning working with anybody and everybody. I drove to Los Angeles once for nobody, which was seven hours each way, and even got on a plane and flew to see one person when there were supposed to be 50!

6)  Understand what you’re marketing. Know the importance of the products/services you offer and what the benefits are through personal experience.

7)  Celebrate success. When people do well or sign up a customer, call them. When they reach a status level, congratulate them by taking them out for dinner. Most people lack this kind of acknowledgement in their lives, and if you can offer this in Network Marketing, they’re going to do more. If somebody has 100 customers in my business, I book a plane ticket right away to go see that person.

8)  Duplicate.   Successful MLM Distributors are experts at this. The way I do it is to show a new Rep how I approach by phone or demonstrate on the net. After the first three or four, I have them do it while I watch.  I edge back gradually until they’re successful on their own. This is the key to creating momentum in your MLM organization, because the more duplication you create, the bigger your organization will grow. The first thing to duplicate is how to invite prospects, second is how to follow-through that they got the presentation.

9) When you reach a status level, solidify it.  Celebrate, but don’t take a break — work even harder to make sure you retain that achievement. In our business, it can often feel like two steps forward, one step back; you sign up somebody and then somebody quits. If you need three Reps to reach a level, go out and get 5 or 10 so you’ll always be at that status and not fall below qualification.

10)  Believe you’ve chosen the best business.  Top leaders are fully confident that the MLM company they chose is the very best for them. That’s the only way that you can say truthfully to people that you believe you’re offering the best that’s available.

This is a great checklist to determine what you are doing as an MLM Leader and how to distinguish those people on your Team who are MLM leaders.

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