The Top 10 Activities of Top Networkers

Are you interested in finding out what other real mlm hitters did to succeed? After interviewing hundreds of highly successful MLM Marketers by phone, email, and in person, it became clear to me that there are ten activities nearly all of them have in common. Here’s what I learned and have to say about it:

1)  Sign up new people personally every month. They all said the same thing: The number one thing they did to be successful and reach their level of income was to personally sponsor new people every single month. When I first started, I calculated that if I put in three to five new customers or distributors every day, seven days a week, for four years, I would have 6,000 people in my business. In that compensation program, that would be enough to be earning a million dollars. So for four years, I strived to do that, either with personal contacts or helping people in my organization. Even though I’ve reached a high income, I don’t stop personally bringing new people in.

2)  Develop leaders every one to three months. It’s important to personally sponsor people as customers every month, but you need to also focus on finding new Business builders so you’ll have a minimum of four, if not 12, new people at the end of the year to work with. In my experience, most people who sign up as customers rarely decide later to build the business. They usually do it within the first two weeks or never. I don’t know if that’s true in every company, but that’s what I’ve found.  So attain new distributors monthly. Read the rest of this entry »

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Network Marketing: Have a DMO?

The key to developing new disciplines is consistency. The key to developing consistency is what I call a DMO (Daily Method of Operation).  A DMO is a specific plan of daily activities that, when followed consistently, will enable you to sustain and accelerate momentum in any area of your life!  For example, if you wanted to become a serious Businessbuilder, your first step would be to establish some momentum by taking Immediate Action such as making a list and categorizing people.  Once you’ve done that, then you need to take steps to hear how your business is presented or start approaching through the product…you do have your own testimonial…don’t you? 

Obviously, doing these tasks one time or once in a while isn’t going to lead to any significant results or your goal of BEcoming a serious Businesbuilder. To sustain and accelerate your momentum, you need to do it Every Day and follow a consistent training program.  

To establish some business momentum, your sponsor should be providing you with steps to take, baby steps, but if you’ve been doing everything asked, it is a practice in building and sustaining momentum. Read the rest of this entry »

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