Network Marketing: Niche to get Rich

Once you define your MLM niche, you are likely to find many other niches within it.

A niche is a clear subset of a larger category.

Home-based entrepreneurs, pet owners, computer users, chocolate lovers and gardeners are all separate niches. Some consumers might belong to several of those niches.

An example of what a niche market is not: “People who want to learn how to shoot better scores in golf.”

In this example, there are far too many people within the main category (golf) to make this a true niche. Virtually everyone who plays golf will want to play better and shoot better scores so this wouldn’t qualify as a niche, much less a category worth pursuing.

An example of a niche market: “Women who play golf who want to learn how to drive the ball longer and straighter.”

This would be a niche because it clearly defines and segments who you’ll cater to and why they would need your service.

Can you see the difference?

There are four primary ways to define your niche:

  1. * WHO you serve — i.e; an mlm distributor who works only with women; an mlm’er that specializes in assisting environmentally-conscious companies; a networker who handles the telecommunication needs of just the Phillipino community.
  2. * WHAT you provide — i.e., a network marketer who works only with business owners; a network marketer that specializes in doing trade shows; a network marketer who prepares health conferences or caters to doctors.

* WHERE you work — i.e., an MLM’er who focuses on the east side of a town; a network marketer that specializes in opening in foreign countries; a network marketer who has attained renown for their phone ability.

* WHEN you are called upon — i.e., an MLM distributor who is only available for weekend and after-hours calls; a network marketer  who travels to assist their MLM downline anytime, anywhere; a networker who can be counted on to handle even last-minute parties with total confidence.

Your MLM target market NICHE is the unique advantage or benefit a product or service offers a particular group of customers. MLM Network Marketing success is dependent upon establishing how a product stands out from similar ones.

The key is to direct a different marketing strategy (your MLM advertising) toward each one, emphasizing the features and the benefits that appeal to that particular segment.

In many cases, the same product features might be marketable to several niches. Even so, it’s important to target each niche with a message to which they can specifically relate.

It is much easier to market yourself as an MLM specialist serving a particular niche. This helps you stand out from the competition.  My own niche is MLM’ers who want to become interNetwork marketers.

The process starts with market research: analyze your best potential MLM customers, your MLM competitors, your market’s predisposition toward your products and services, and your ability to serve these people so well as to make you their MLM distributor of choice.

Try to estimate your MLM market niche size. The Internet can be useful here. Look at the search engine statistics, try to find information about the size of mailing lists devoted to your problem, find your potential competitors and think what will make you different. Make sure your MLM target market niche will be not too large and not too small.

Make sure your MLM target audience is easily reachable online. Find and collect the addresses of web sites, online forums, and other Internet resources related to your product. Those are the places where you’ll want to advertise and seek out joint ventures.

This is ALL part of being a successful networker.  There is strategy and tactics to creating a Successful and long lasting MLM business online.  Do this work and you will reap the many rewards network marketing offers.

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