The Joys of Repeated Failure, especially in Network Marketing

For most of us, “failure” has a tragic and undeserved reputation as something bad and painful. It’s very unfair, and it holds us back and limits our success. If “failure” had an attorney, it would have an excellent chance of winning a lawsuit for defamation and slander.  :-)

Too often, we view failure as reflecting on the person who “failed”. We view them (or ourselves) as having poor judgment, poor skills, or lack of character! How absurd!

There are only a handful of ways to “fail”, and I don’t view any of them as bad.

First, you can “fail” by losing a competition. I remember talking to a high school athlete who defined himself as “slow” because he lost a race to the state’s fastest sprinter. I also remember a beautiful and talented woman who defined herself as “ugly” because in college she finished fourth in a beauty pageant.  How, exactly, are those examples of “failure”?

Are you beating yourself up when you don’t win your MLM Companies product retailing contest?  Or when there are bonuses for new sponsoring activities?  Why? Read the rest of this entry »

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How much time does it take to create success for any MLM Business?

When I was 21 years old, my mentor asked me what I thought the value of an hour was. I honestly did not know how to answer the question. He went on to teach me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned.

He suggested that the value of an hour was priceless. This confused me some, so this is what he said to me.

If you invest one hour each day in understanding yourself and your environment better, you will accumulate nine 40-hour weeks over the course of a year!


As you can imagine I was blown away when he put it to me that way.

Nine 40- hour weeks? This seemed impossible until I did the math. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Biggest Challenge we ALL face when beginning our Network Marketing Business

The biggest challenge most people encounter when they become self-employed and start their MLM Business is driving themselves to do what it takes to become successful.  When there is no one looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to let things slide.  The problem is that it doesn’t “seem” to matter when no one knows, except YOU!

To be successful, and to develop the necessary habits and disciplines for a lifetime of wealth and happiness,  with a real MLM fortune, YOU have to become both your employer and employee!  YOU have to be the one to establish the job requirements AND the person who performs those requirements.  YOU have to be the one who checks to see that the job is being done right and the one to answer for when it is not.

Employing yourself means accepting Full Responsibility – responsibility for doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how it needs to be done…to the Best of your Ability.

Remember, you can lie to other people if you want to, but you cannot Afford to Lie to Yourself!  The only way to develop the habits that success requires is to “demand” and “expect” nothing less than your Personal best.

We don’t expect you to know the skills, but as the CEO of your MLM Business, it is your responsibility to learn the skills.  You, hopefully, have joined an MLM Team that is committed to your growth, so failure to ask falls on you.

If you were going to “pay” someone else to build this for you, would you let them show up late or not stick to the Internet hours they set the first week?  Would you let them get by talking to 1 person a week?  Would you accept feeble attempts to explain why they didn’t do what they promised you when you hired them?  Of course not!  AND you must not accept that level of performance from yourself either!  Not if you are deadly serious about going to the Top with your MLM Company.  You are the only one who can make yourself do what it takes to be a success in your chosen venture and in the business of life.  So take your responsibility – as an employee and as an employer – Seriously!

One of the most important lessons for any human being to learn is how to make yourself responsible TO yourself and FOR yourself.  Master that skill and you will be well on your way to a lifetime of untold wealth and happiness and an Incredible Residual income.

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Achieving Your Dreams in MLM

While most people spend most of their lives struggling to earn a living, a much smaller number seem to have everything going their way. Instead of just earning a living, the smaller group is busily working at building and enjoying an MLM fortune. Everything just seems to work out for them. And here sits the much larger group, wondering how life can be so unfair, so complicated and unjust. What’s the major difference between the little group with so much and the larger group with so little?

Despite all of the factors that affect our lives – like the kind of parents we have, the schools we attended, the part of the country we grew up in – none has as much potential power for affecting our futures as our ability to dream.

Dreams are a projection of the kind of life you want to lead.  Dreams can drive you. Dreams can make you skip over obstacles. Read the rest of this entry »

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